ACHOA Board Meeting 09 Jun 2015 Summary Perspective – Unofficial

Subject: ACHOA Board Meeting 09 June 2015 Summary Perspective
By: R. W. Duncan

The meeting commenced on schedule at 5:30 PM, with Sam Fox, Robin Rakusin, John Krisch and Alan Liebman. Other members of the Board were absent. There were approximately 45 ACHOA members at the beginning of the meeting, some with wine and a few with beer but the audience was respectful.

The first order of business was Homeowner comments on agenda items. Susan Duncan, the first speaker, read a letter from Don Smaltz regarding the legal opinion from Ms. Segerblom on the use of Roberts Rules of Order. Basically the opinion was flawed in two respects. First, there isn’t any requirement for recording the By-Laws in Nevada state statutes. Second, multiple copies of the amendment (see the attached) have been located in various homeowners governing document packages. The claim by Ms. Segerblom was that this document was “suspect” as the ACHOA did not have a copy when they passed the resolution setting out their own Board meeting procedures. The second speaker was Lois Smaltz who addressed the Boards lack of control of meetings and not following correct procedures. The third speaker was Ronald Duncan who presented the ACHOA Board and community a study done by the University of Nevada Reno titled ‘Analysis of Golf Course Closure Impacts on Home Sales Price Trends.’ (It’s available at Analysis of Golf Course Closure Impacts on Home Sales Price Trends.) This report looks at the D’Andrea and Northgate closures and the property pricing prior to and post closure of the golf courses. A hard copy was presented to Mr. Fox Board president. There were no other speakers and the meeting proceeded to the next agenda item, ACCC and Communications Committee Updates.

ACCC updates were covered by Mr. Fox. He began by saying that the committee is looking a proprietary data from Arnold Palmer Golf (APG) and the Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA) as part of their due diligence. He further stated that the Lease data from APG was being discussed as there were some areas needing clarification. FOA proforma operating would also be reviewed within the next couple of months. In addition, a tax attorney is reviewing the proposition that IF the ACHOA were to purchase the golf club and wish it to remain a golf club, would a lease to an outside operator change the ACHOA’s tax status? In response to a question from a golfer in the audience as to when we’ll have the vote, Mr. Fox replied that it would be at least a couple of months before they had the financials and a package to present to the community. A vote would be sometime after that.

Communications Committee Reported that they are ‘planning’ on at least three community informational meetings. The first in late June to discuss the merits of a ‘park’ setting in place of the golf course and the issues if the course were to go ‘brown/natural.’ The second meeting would be to present realtors perspectives on the ArrowCreek community and current property values. Lastly, the plan is to present an Arnold Palmer Golf view of the ArrowCreek club facilities. Mention was made of a future meeting to present the ACHOA Boards recommendation for acquiring the golf course, when the financial data becomes available (this meeting would also, by necessity, include a discussion of the opposition arguments against the acquisition).

Financial status of the ACHOA was then presented by Alan Liebman. There were no issues and the audited financials for 2014 were approved. This was followed by Gary Smith, ACHOA Reserve committee chair,who discussed the status of the reserve funds. He noted that only two of the four tennis courts will be resurfaced this year. In addition the ArrowCreek parkway will be slurry sealed around June 23 & 24 with traffic restricted to one way, counter clockwise, on one lane while the work is being done. Side streets are planned to be done June 18 & 19, weather permitting.

Rick Rayone then presented the security status. Speeding is definitely down and that’s very positive for safety. However, running through stop signs has increased and they plan rigorous enforcement. It was brought up that non-residents have been identified using the pool facilities, without an ACHOA host/hostess present. If this is observed, or even suspected, Security should be notified immediately and they will verify the situation and any necessary remedy. An issue was raised about cycling on our walks and roadways. As part of agreements with the county, all persons have access to these venues for the purpose of viewing open space. So, cyclists are definitely protected within our boundary.

Forrest Patin then presented the activities of the Administrative committee. They are in the process of reviewing the annual support contractor performance and have increased their membership by adding Margaret McConnel and Yvonne Bates to assist in the evaluation process. Additionally, the committee has begun working on a five (5) year tactical and strategic plan for the ArrowCreek community inviting all members of the community to participate.

Updates of the ACHOA Governing documents (CC&Rs & By-Laws) are in process within the Governing documents committee with a community review planned for late July or August, as reported by Robin Rakusin. The committee has also added Tom Motherway to have FOA representation on the committee. Based on a question from the audience regarding the status of the Owner proposed fee and assessment increase restrictions, the committee determined that they did not want ot restrict the Boards ability to raise these items and rejected those proposed changes.

Lastly, fuels management work is underway and based on a query from the audience an additional area south of Nambe and north of Painted Vista will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the effort.

One last homeowner question regarding pool use by non-residents was heard and the Board indicated that it is against the CC&Rs for people to use the facilities without a valid homeowner present.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 PM.

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