Rebuttal to Collins and Seelen Nextdoor and ACT Postings

To: The FOA, ACT and The Club Sponsors of Ms. Seelen
The Posting is still in both places, so here is the rebuttal. Otherwise, you would have had a quiet weekend.
From: Mr. Duncan, who isn’t going anywhere, win or lose

I’ll begin with the last item in this posting and work my way to the top, if that’s all right with you.

The whisper campaign/attacks on myself and other non-golf supported candidates has emanated from at least one ACHOA committee chair, and a number of club members, who have walked through neighborhoods claiming among other things that we want to raise dues, we’re against the golf course, we’re against pickle ball, we’re behind the erroneous cards mailed by a group called Better Friends Of ArrowCreek, that I am the web master of arrowcreek411 and post despicable things about the club, that the CNA logo was copied from ACT (a fact that is absolutely NOT true as the CNA logo was made from MS Word clip art prior to any ACT formation), and that my vision of the community is a throwback to the developer’s 1997 vision. All of these untruths perpetuated in the latest posting by Joyce Seelen. It’s a little late to curb. To give you the specific names of the individuals spreading these falsehoods, which they most definitely can deny, isn’t worth my time.

So, let’s talk to the ‘conflict of interest’ that seems to have caught attention. Since there are two ‘communities’ within ArrowCreek, one centered around the golf club and then everyone else, the past representatives to the ACHOA Board were drawn from club members. When members competed for the board they could count on receiving sufficient support to become Directors. When non-members competed for the board they had to overcome members’ affiliations. So, now it comes to pass that the entire ArrowCreek community is involved and due to the past dominance of ‘The Club,’ there is suspicion that membership could be to the detriment of the entire community. Now, is that a conflict of interest? Not according to Ms. Segerblom and most certainly not according to the law. Is there an ethical line here? Perhaps. Scare tactic, not intended.

The Better Friends of ArrowCreek Postcards. I’m pretty certain that Ben Collins doesn’t check with Joyce when he posts a response on one of the web sites other than he’s going to do just that. So, Mrs. Duncan has that same freedom and flexibility and she has also been attacked on the Next-Door web site and I’m certain her response was the one you captured below. Yes, I know who did the cards and yes we attempted to steer them in a different direction to no avail. On-the-other-hand, I have yet to see any of the four club backed candidates disavow the ACT writings, flyers and Next-Door diatribes against myself, Roger or Carlos. We have certainly dis-avowed the post cards that your supporters continue to say we generated, WHICH WE DID NOT GENERATE.

Pickle ball. Why this continues to crop up is beyond me. I wrote a simple request to the BOD and you turned it into a major issue. The court is done and we have neighbors now at odds with one another via security calls and complaints. Why this wasn’t handled quietly and became public?? That wasn’t my intent or doing.

Water Rights. Once again ACT, like the blog post, comes forward with a statement from a member of the community saying we should obtain legal counsel based on a false premise that we don’t have Water Rights. This post was done in support of the same four candidates. My advocating a meeting with TMWA to discuss their audit findings and get data for review certainly saves the legal expenses of finding we are already bound by the Water Agreement referenced in our CC&Rs.
By the way, we are only talking about .029 acre-feet per lot.

So, let’s get the record straightened out and cease the Mr. Duncan is the evilest thing to ever walk the earth.
Ron Duncan – Who two years ago stated, “win or lose, I wasn’t going anywhere.” I’m at the end of the road. I still am.

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Spend! SpeND! SPEND!

“Spend, SpeND, SPEND!!!”

That appears to be the motto of ACT, you know that club member and FOA sponsored web site. They are now touting their four sponsored candidates with the ‘scheme’ to use lawyers to solve OUR (that’s right, yours and my) water rights. Those rights were granted to the developers of ArrowCreek and IMBEDDED in our CC&Rs. We’ve all signed for them and the CC&Rs, along with the Water Agreement, as part and parcel of our ACHOA Governing Documents. This ‘fact’ does NOT need to have wasted legal dollars spent on it.

Instead, we need ACHOA representatives to sit down with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) and review the TMWA audit results. The agreement we’ve signed up to, via our signatures on the CC&Rs, states that each “Lot owner (1086) gets 0.7371 acre feet (a.f.) (240,220 gallons) per year.” (The agreement is attached) Currently, the agreement does not have potable water allocated to either The Club at ArrowCreek or The Residents Club.

This issue is one for engineers/data analysts to review with TMWA, not jump to the lawyer inspired ‘go to court’ mentality. This is a very serious issue for all of us, so if you haven’t voted in the ACHOA Election yet, I urge you to vote for Duncan, Sheppard and Mejia to prevent unnecessary spending on legal fees.

Ron Duncan

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A Community with Two Personalities – November 2016 Property Value Update from Washoe County Assessor Records

This report for the November UPDATED ‘FACTS’ from the Washoe County Assessor Records last posted on October 26, 2016 in A Community with Two Personalities – October 18 2016 Property Value Update from Washoe County Assessor Records. It clearly shows that we need to better emphasize the top qualities of our community to maintain and raise our collective property values. We are definitely in the ‘winter’ selling season, only two properties changed owners this past month, compared to three for this same time period last year. Additionally, the local media, both TV and Newspaper, are noting a general leveling out of the housing market, if not a slow down in home buying activity.

Since the beginning of 2016 and over the past twelve (12) months:

1. ArrowCreek properties have stayed in the premium class within Washoe and Douglas Counties. However, as you read this report you will see that prices have improved for properties on the golf course, with an appreciation of 9.2% over this past year, while prices for homes not on the golf course have basically held even with a small decline of 0.6% over the same period.

The facts:

a.) Two (2) properties were recorded sold in ArrowCreek between 20 October and 22 November 2016 (Per the Washoe County Assessor). This brings the total number of properties transferred this calendar year to 76 and over the past twelve months to 87 or 8.0% turn-over rate for our community. A relatively low rate, still in the single digits, that may be attributed to a general satisfaction with living in our gated community or an absence of a more aggressive marketing plan(s).

b.) Neither of the properties was on the golf course (the property boundaries actually touch the golf course, not just have a ‘view’ of it). However, the true selling price, again measured over the past twelve months, increased to$250.93 per square foot. An increase of $0.54 per square foot from October’s value due to the rolling average calculation. No additional lots, on the course, were sold. The rolling average selling price for undeveloped property on the golf course still stands at $295,810.86 per acre.

c.) Two (2) properties were sold that are not connected to the golf course. The homes ranged in value from $630,000 to $805,000. The rolling average rose to $232.16 per square foot, was up $0.44 per square foot. This increase amounted to a 0.2% increase in the selling price, not very significant and basically flat. The 12 month rolling average sales price declined, due to the mix of sales prices, to $809,572. No undeveloped lots were transferred during this time period. The rolling 12-month average selling price still stands at $188,955.11 per acre.

d.) No lots were sold, but a premium remains if the lot has a common boundary with the golf course (57%). This value between the two categories, in general, appears to be following market trends. However, there’s little explanation for the $106,855 per acre difference between the vacant lot purchase prices, as the difference does not show up in the closing home sales prices. However, it is worth noting that there are a very limited number of ‘golf course’ lots versus those not on the golf course.

e.) The figure below shows the value trends over the past twelve months. As noted in the opening paragraph, homes on the golf course have appreciated very nicely over the past year. In the meantime, homes not on the golf course have tread water and reflect more typical upper end homes throughout the Truckee Meadows.


2. The housing market in Northern Nevada for existing homes continues to follow economic trends. As the winter selling season is upon us, we are definitely seeing a boost to our unique community.

Going forward let’s focus our energy on improving the amenities we currently have and build out those that were in the original ArrowCreek/Southwest Point development plan by using our already available acreage and funding. With that we should see a better environment for all home owners and buyers.

If you wish to support The Club at ArrowCreek, you are urged to become a either a full golf or social member. In addition, the FOA LLC is certainly open to new investors.

By Ron Duncan

Updated from the October 26, 2016 posting of the A Community with Two Personalities – October 18 2016 Property Value Update from Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the October 11, 2016 posting of the A Tale of Two Communities – September 20 2016 Property Value Update from Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the August 25, 2016 posting of the August Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the July 27, 2016 posting of the July Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the June 20, 2016 posting of the June Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the May 27, 2016 posting May Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the April 27, 2016 posting April Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the March 25, 2016 posting March Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

…which updates the Feb 24, 2016 posting February Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

… which updates the Jan 21, 2016 posting January Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

… which updates the Dec 22, 2015 posting December Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

… which updates the Nov 22, 2015 posting November Fact Update From the Washoe County Assessor Records

… which updates the Oct 19, 2015 posting October Fact Update: Here Are Facts

… which updates the Sept 21, 2015 posting September Fact Update: Here Are Facts

… which updates the Aug 22, 2015 posting August Fact Update: Here Are Facts

…which updates the July 27, 2015 posting July Fact Update: Here Are Facts

…which updates the June 26, 2015 posting June Fact Update: Here Are Facts

…which updates the June 4, 2015 posting You Want Facts: Here Are Facts.

June 2015 Study on Golf Course Closure Impacts On Home Values in Northgate and D’Andrea.

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ArrowCreek Owners: Please Vote for Your Next Board Members Soon!


This is a valid post card sent by the three candidates pictured. See their names on the bottom of the front side. They pooled their funds together to get the word out to the ArrowCreek Community that any of the three that successfully get elected will work hard with the remaining board members to get all ArrowCreek voices heard on matters that concern the community at large. None of these three candidates are “anti-golf” – they are just not members of the golf course and they are pro-ArrowCreek Community.

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Roger Sheppard Statement

I am Roger D. Sheppard running for the Board of Directors, BoD, of the ArrowCreek HOA. I want to make it clear that the nasty postcards you have received from the “Better Friends of ArrowCreek” did not originate, or have approval of the CNA slate of Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia Jr. or myself. The anonymous post card’s message has hurt all the candidates, whether it is the Joyce Seelen, John Krisch, Alan Liebman and Robin Rakusin slate or the Ron Duncan, Carlos Mejia Jr and Roger Sheppard slate. This is disturbing because these post cards do not represent either side’s positions, in my opinion. To my knowledge, I have no evidence that the incumbent board members running for re-election and Robin currently support the idea of reviving the purchase of the FOA by the HOA. Likewise, the CNA side does not support the rhetoric of untruthful statements by the anonymous post cards and whoever the backers of this are. The FOA (Golf and the Club) and the HOA are inexorably tied together in a symbiotic way to make the ArrowCreek Community the best it can be. Please, for the sake of both sides, reject these post card messages. They are not supported by either slate of candidates and have only served to divide the ArrowCreek Community further.

Roger D. Sheppard

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ACHOA Management Company Responds to BFoA Post Cards Via Email

Robin Rakusin sent out the following posting on this afternoon. Since the remarks were not a general email to all email addresses that the ArrowCreek ACHOA has (at least none of our email boxes received it), here is the Management concurrence of inaccurate statements on the “Better Friends of Arrowcreek” post cards received by ArrowCreek residents for those readers not on – We already warned of the inaccuracies of the BFoA post cards on this website:

From Robin:

Thought you would all like to see what the ACHOA property manager wrote in an email about the postcards:

“Thank you for your below inquiry. You are correct that the information on the postcard you received is not accurate, and is false as written. The information was sent anonymously. It is unfortunate that a homeowner would send such information.

To confirm, there are no discussions of any kind with The Club at ArrowCreek or FOA to acquire any part of the golf course or club. There is no discussion of an increase in fees to fund The Club at ArrowCreek or otherwise. The full board of 7 acts as a collective group when making HOA decisions. All decisions must be made at a board meeting with actions noticed on an agenda and sent to every owner. The board meeting minutes, as well as all the monthly financial reports and audits, are posted on the website for full disclosure to all members. Hopefully that will speak for itself

I hope this helps to clarify. Please let me know if you have further questions. I am happy to provide accurate information.


Jeanne Tarantino, PCAM, AMS, CMCA
Nevada Certified Supervising Community Manager
Sr. Vice President
Associa Sierra North – An Associa ® Company

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So Many Faces

Oscar Relentos

There are so many simultaneous lives happening every moment.


On a day’s commute you pass by countless other people. Sometimes hundreds in rapid succession driving. Every so often you catch a brief glimpse of another’s moment, so much conveyed instantaneously in just a look.

Some smiling, some yelling at their dashboards, some staring off at nothing in particular besides road and monotonous destination. Pedestrians walking the city, people sitting at benches, sitting on their front steps, people mingling at street corners, so many people. A story behind each of their lives. A story in the midst of their lives. And a moving epilogue of a life’s long tragicomedy written in every expressionless expression.

We can’t ever know the full extent that others are fighting their battles. And there’s some background sense that nobody but the individual and perhaps a Higher Power can understand each discrete and authentic existence in effect…

View original post 88 more words

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ArrowCreek Elections 2016

All ArrowCreek Board candidates believe they are qualified to fill the available positions and guide the future of the ArrowCreek community into a “Best in Class.” There have been postings, flyers, mailers, and verbal communications which have stated or implied various candidate positions which may not be correct. Allegations, innuendos, polarized websites and harsh statements reflect the division of attitudes within ArrowCreek. There are basically two groups of candidates; one group is made up of golf club members and the second is a group of non-club members.

The passion for each group runs deep and as a result some homeowners have chosen to demonstrate their individual freedom of speech and voice their personal opinions which may be independent of their respective candidates’ position. This has created confusion, distrust and editorials questioning candidates’ integrity, most of which do not deserve a response. To make it clear, we had no influence over the BFA post cards. The question at hand is – which candidates will provide the viable leadership for ArrowCreek’s future? The past ArrowCreek election demonstrated the community’s concern for uncertain financial liabilities and impact on future home prices. Previous Board members did not have the insight of how their actions or perceived positions created the divisiveness within the community. Past performance demonstrates their positions on various issues which is a reasonable concern in the current election.

The upcoming strategic plan will provide fresh updated data for planning the future of ArrowCreek. New board members are an attribute to ArrowCreek. Their unbiased positions and concerns for setting a path is a asset for ArrowCreek to reach its potential as a premier community. This includes working with the Club and Community at large to remove barriers and create a common set of objectives, with the potential result being stable or hopefully improved home prices. Wounds and feelings run deep. Community members with Board leadership must be willing to recognize the need to set aside the bitterness and implement a plan that will reflect a quality of life for all ArrowCreek residents to enjoy.

The slate of Roger Sheppard, Ron Duncan and Carlos Mejia Jr appreciate your support and vote. We are committed to representing the best interests of our ArrowCreek Community.

Roger, Ron & Carlos

P.S. This doc has been sent to ACT for posting on their website in response to their concerns.

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War of Words

It is interesting to note the website for ACT: A Community Team does apparently not include everyone in the community or what they have to say. None of the posts expressing opposition to ACT beliefs on AC 411 can be found on ACT. On the AC411 site there has been a battle about who speaks the truth and who does not, and whose opinion is the right one and whose is wrong. I believe we have to learn how to agree respectfully to disagree, because of the basic set up of our community. We are a not-for-profit community surrounding a separate for profit entity: the golf course. While we share many common interests, our interests may also be conflicting at times.

I think the root of the problem is the concept of conflict of interest. – Not so much in the monetary or financial sense perhaps, but personal relationships and affiliations also create conflict of interest that can compromise our impartiality, objectivity, and judgment. This obstacle is hard to overcome because even the perception of conflict of interest can be caustic. To my knowledge, there is no clear definition of conflict of interest and how to avoid it established in our governing documents. Such a guideline can perhaps help resolve the distrust that seems to exist within our community – between residents and elected/appointed representatives and board candidates – so that we can work towards compromise and mutually beneficial solutions. We owe each other this discussion to stop this ongoing war of words and avoid it in the future.

Beate McGhee

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Track Records

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. The examples summarized in the “A current perspective on ArrowCreek” posting, reflect the actions of several of the incumbent board candidates as witnessed and experienced by several residents at board and committee meetings, the golf club, and the pickle ball court. We live in a democracy, and we respect the right of others to call the information “horse manure,” “BS,” nonproductive naysaying, or untruthful. We have the right and obligation to report information as the truth – verified by several homeowners and with security personnel (*see below). Residents are free to decide for themselves how to make use of that information when they execute their right to vote.

Actions speak louder than words. The issue is not golf or pickle ball. What is important to see is the principle behind the actions taken. If you have a candidate running for reelection claiming to be a representative of all, but shows a track record of:

-Deciding to pursue an objective that the candidate was not elected for while disregarding growing opposition to his/her views for more than 2 years and while causing the polarization of her constituency (Claiming to be a mere ‘volunteer’ and not responsible to owner constituents)

-Ignoring the wishes of his/her constituents expressed in a democratically performed demographic poll sponsored by the very Board he/she was a part of while

-Jumping into action and on the bandwagon of a special interest group

then, in our opinion, the actions of that candidate show a pattern of tunnel vision, exclusivity, favoritism, and self-interest, and his/her words are exposed as mere rhetoric. Residents can decide if such a candidate should be their representative.

If you share our vision of a community where your board and committee members value


then we recommend you vote for:
Mejia, Sheppard & Duncan

A Team of Neighbors

*For example: (for what it’s worth)
1) The various golf club/golf course purchase options vigorously pursued by Seelen/Rakusin absolutely would have raised HOA fees to $300 and above and required special assessments. Check the HOA board meeting minutes, briefings, and do the math. Experienced and witnessed.

2) Six residents spoke at the social committee meeting in June objecting to the conversion of the 4th tennis court to pickle ball courts and taking away an established amenity. Residents raised other concerns about the signature list that was not vetted, that we do not have any data regarding the percentage of residents in favor of pickle ball, while we do have data from the demographic study, actually ranking PB as the sixth and last choice of what owners want to see in AC. These points were absolutely left out in the report to the board. Experienced and witnessed.

3) Security absolutely went to the pickle ball court telling the organizer the unauthorized tournament, that they had no prior notification for, could not go on/had to stop. Check with the Chief of Security. Experienced and witnessed.

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