An ArrowCreek Property Value Update (December 2017 from Washoe County Assessor Records)

Happy New Year!

This report with the December UPDATED ‘FACTS’ from the Washoe County Assessor Records since last posted for November, 2017, in An ArrowCreek Property Value Update (November 2017 from Washoe County Assessor Records), shows that we are in the Winter buying/selling season with an additional six properties changing owners during this reporting period. Custom Homes on the Golf Course show a 14.3% premium to customs not on the course.

ArrowCreek Home Owner Association (ACHOA) initiatives are underway to enhance sales and values (a most positive step given the latest values). The initiatives include a Landscape Committee, which is looking into improving the water quality around our parkway to enhance the ‘greening’ of plantings, and a strategic planning initiative, which has yielded a concept that has received rave reviews. These initiatives are intended to enhance and maintain ArrowCreek as a premier people and family oriented community collocated with a private golf club, identified as a Non-Residential area in the governing documents.

Since November of 2017 and over the past twelve (12) months:

1. ArrowCreek properties have stayed in the premium class within Washoe and Douglas Counties. As you read this report you will see that prices have improved for properties on the golf course, with an average appreciation rate of 12.8% over this past year, while prices for homes not on the golf course have flattened back to an increase of 1.4% over the same period. With six properties changing hands this past month, the ‘hottest’ neighborhood was The Reserve.

On with THE FACTS:

a.) Six (6) properties were recorded sold in ArrowCreek between 16 November and 4 December 2017 (per the Washoe County Assessor, who appears to be running late as the data was extracted on 25 December and the last ‘sale’ recorded was 4 December). This brings the total number of properties transferred over the past rolling year to 85 or 7.8% turn-over rate for our community. This is a relatively low rate, still in the single digits, that may be attributed to a general satisfaction with living in our gated community or a positive perspective on our amenities and an emphasis on the secure stable environment offered within ArrowCreek.

b.) Four (4) properties on the golf course (where the property boundaries actually touch the golf course, not just have a ‘view’ of it) were closed during this reporting period. The rolling average selling price for homes on the golf course now stands at $290.25 per square foot. This is an increase of $3.89 per square foot from November’s value, based solely upon the statistical rolling average calculation. The 12-month rolling average sales price decreased to $1,103,954.48, again based upon statistical methods. Two (2) of these properties were lots on the course. The rolling average selling price for undeveloped property on the golf course stands at $256,714.02 per acre.

c.) Two (2) properties were sold that are not connected to the golf course. The rolling average selling price for off course homes increased to $246.57 per square foot, which is up by $1.43 per square foot. The twelve-month rolling average sales price increased to $804,583.48. One (1) of the two properties sold during this reporting period was a lot. The rolling 12-month average selling price for vacant land, not on the golf course, now stands 8.2% higher than vacant golf course property at $279,491.22 per acre.

d.) The figure below shows the value trends over the past twelve months.

2. The housing market in Northern Nevada for existing homes continues to follow economic trends. The autumn selling season has faded but we are still seeing a boost to our unique community.

Do keep in mind that everyone’s selling price is based upon their own set of circumstances and the above picture is hindsight, not necessarily foresight. Going forward let’s focus our energy on improving the amenities we currently have and build out those that were in the original ArrowCreek/Southwest Pointe development plan, by using our already available acreage and funding. With that we should see a better environment for all home owners and buyers.

Continuing with the Commentary from previous months: the author received a query about semi-custom and custom homes both on and off the golf course and their relative selling prices. The author’s concern was that there wouldn’t be a significant enough turn-over sample to give a meaningful value. However, with that caveat presented, the following statistics are updated:

Semi-custom On-course: $244.79 per Square Foot
Semi-Custom Off-course: $232.58 per Square Foot
Custom On-course: $339.50 per Square Foot
Custom Off-course: $290.88 per Square Foot

We had a new request from one of our readers for comparison of the ArrowCreek values with those in D’Andrea and Somersett. Having obtained the appropriate reports from the real estate community, here is what was learned. (Data extracted from

  • D’Andrea – rose 14.3% over the past year with a median price of $359,000 and a cost per square foot of $188. This is slightly better than ArrowCreek homes on the Golf course and significantly better than homes off the golf course.
  • Somersett- rose 15.8% over the past year with a median price of $440,000 and a cost per square foot of $208. Again, this is better than the appreciation of our homes.


The biggest ‘threat’ to the three above communities’ home values comes from the ‘new’ tax bill working its way through Congress. The “Limitation on Mortgage Interest” as a deduction, for homes sold above $750,000, could have potential buyers shying away from our community. Couple that with property taxes being disallowed above $10,000, and you’ve got a real threat.

If you want to let OUR lawmakers in either the House or Senate know how you feel about this threat, here is what you can do about it ASAP. Call either 1 (866)338-1015 or 1 (866)220-0044. These two telephone numbers are the TOLL FREE U.S. Capitol Switchboard numbers for YOUR lawmakers (until 2018 or 2020). Press the number 1 for YOUR senator or number 2 for YOUR house representative. Next, enter your five (5) digit zip code. Press from the list of lawmakers you want to talk to in their office during the weekday or on the weekends.

By Ron Duncan
January 02, 2018

For previous postings of the ArrowCreek property value updates: click here.

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Attention Waste Management Customers! This is NOT “Garbage Mail”

Attention Waste Management Customers! This is NOT “Garbage Mail” …..ahem… well… in a way it is. Do NOT throw this envelope away without opening it! It contains your Excess Waste stickers for 2018. We got ours today. So many people missed them last year that we wanted to warn you to look for them in the mail.

It is a bright yellow business envelope. It has these words on the front:
IMPORTANT: 2018 Waste Management excess waste stickers enclosed.

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Be Happier! You Can Do It!

Be happier! You can do it! It will make everyone around you happier as well!

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Wildcreek Location for New High School on Agenda to be Presented on 12/12/17

The next Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting will be December 12, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. See location details and meeting agenda here.

This is what is posted there as of 12/07/17.

This is the Wildcreek presentation posted there as of 12/07/17.

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Fight For New School Construction Isn’t Over

By Lynnette Bellin  – Reprinted with her permission

A little over a year ago, our community banded together and ensured that WC-1 passed to fund construction of new schools and make significant repairs for older schools in our growing community. Fifty-seven percent of voters supported this initiative. I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond frustrated to have learned that the battle for new schools isn’t over. It’s time to rally again, and this time, it’s the students of central Reno, old Sparks, Sun Valley and Spanish Springs that need our help with Wildcreek High School.

There is a small but vocal minority that is fighting the development of this high school because they are concerned about losing a golf course and increased traffic. What I’d love to say to these people: Seriously? Have you looked around Reno lately? There are housing developments sprouting up everywhere. The majority of these developments seem to be high-density housing. Our population is expanding quickly. I’m sorry to say, but you’re worried about traffic? The traffic is coming with or without these schools. We need to ensure we start building schools now so that our children don’t pay the price for this growth with severe overcrowding and a suffering education system.

As for you golfers, I know you like your golf courses, but the fact is that Wildcreek has been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It’s projected to lose $337,000 for the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority this year. Also, WCSD has announced that they’re making efforts to spare a 9-hole course and the clubhouse, which sounds like a win-win to me.

I’m really getting sick of golfers in this area fighting new schools in order to protect their hobby. I’m going to stereotype a bit here, but I’m assuming these local golfers are retired, probably without grandchildren in the area because they’ve moved here to retire. I’m also assuming these retirees probably had a pretty good education themselves, considering golf usually is a sport for people who are more affluent. If these people are so blessed to be living in our gorgeous area and enjoying the fruits of their own quality education, why would they fight the needed schools to ensure a quality education for the children in our community? Who wants to live in a community where the youth don’t have a quality education? I’m not a golfer, but when I look up Reno golf courses, it appears there are plenty of locations for this hobby (whereas my favorite hobby, swimming, has a severe lack of pools in our community — but that’s beside the point). We have seen area retirees and golfers fighting both the Wildcreek High School and Arrowcreek Middle School, which makes me absolutely livid.

If you ask me, their protests are too late. They should have been protesting the housing developments; once those are approved, it’s absolutely irresponsible to deny the schools that will be needed to absorb the extra capacity within WCSD.

It also frustrates the hell out of me that showing up at public meetings seems to be the chosen way for local government to take input from our community. I’m sorry, but you don’t see a ton of parents at these meetings because most of us are working during the day and taking care of the very children that these decisions will impact in the evening. Meanwhile, these affluent retirees in our area have all the time in the world to go rant at public meetings.

This “not in my backyard” mentality that many of these vocal opponents seem to have is completely unacceptable. The children of WCSD live in our neighborhoods, and their schools need to be in our neighborhoods too. We can’t just bus all of the kids to schools on the outskirts of town. That would be asinine.

This is a call to arms. We thought the battle was over when we ensured that WC-1 passed in the election, but we need to continue our fight. Reno Moms Blog will publish one action item a day that you can quickly do to show your support for Wildcreek High School and new schools in general. Please help us share these action items far and wide so that the RSCVA, WCSD and the City of Reno all know that there is overwhelming support for the new schools being funded by WC-1.

Lynnette Bellin is the owner and site manager of the Reno Moms Blog.

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Funding Source Needed for Washoe Body-Worn Cameras

from the Washoe County website

Washoe County would like to hear from you about Funding needed for body-worn cameras on law enforcement

The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners may consider an increase in Washoe County’s 911 telephone line surcharge to help fund the costs of body-worn and vehicle mounted cameras for regional law enforcement.

During the 2017 Nevada Legislative session, Nevada Senate Bill (SB) 176 was passed (amending NRS 289.30) requiring uniformed peace officers to wear body-worn cameras. In our region, the body-worn camera requirement applies to the City of Reno Police Department, the City of Sparks Police Department, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Municipal Courts’ Marshals of the Cities of Reno and Sparks.

In order to pay for the body-worn and vehicle-mounted camera programs, the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners may consider increasing the 911 surcharge.

We would like to hear from the community: What are your thoughts regarding an increased fee on your home, business or mobile phone lines to help pay for the costs of body-worn and vehicle mounted camera for regional law enforcement agencies?

Please click here to share your opinion with Washoe County.

As part of a Business Impact Study, Washoe County is inviting you to share your comments, concerns or data on the potential impacts of the proposed 911 surcharge increase on businesses in our region:

Attend one of two Washoe County Workshops:

Date: Monday, December 11, 2017        
Time: Noon – 1:00 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. 
Location: Central Conference Room, Washoe County Administrative Complex, Building C, 1001 East Ninth Street, Reno, Nevada 89512.

Write to Washoe County (no later than December 15, 2017):

We thank you in advance for your participation.

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2017 ACHOA BOD Election Results Announced at Annual Meeting

Election ballots for the ACHOA Board election were counted earlier today. Out of a possible 1086 ballots that could be cast, a total of 509 were cast and counted. Not all ballots voted for 4 people. Some only voted for one or two candidate(s). There were 2000 total votes. The results have just been announced at the ACHOA BOD Annual Meeting.

The 4 new board members are: Morgan White, Robert McDonald, Sam Reagle, and Jim Keller.

Congratulations to the new board members!

The candidates and number of votes received are as follows:

Bob Kirtley 281
Peter Linstroth 178
Morgan White 289 **
Robert McDonald 413 **
Sam Reagle 305 **
Jim Keller 286 **
Kurt Bickel 248
(They are listed in the order of submitted applications. ** indicates the new board directors.)

2018 ACHOA BOD Members:
Alan Liebman is the new President.
Joyce Seelen is the new VP.
Sam Reagle is the new Treasurer.
Robert McDonald is the new Secretary.
John Krisch – Director
Jim Keller – Director
Morgan White – Director

Congratulations to the new officers!

Next ACHOA BOD meeting will be held February 6, 2018.

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2017 Annual ACHOA Meeting, Pre- and Post-Annual Meetings TODAY!


All owners are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings.

2017 Annual ACHOA Meetingremember

Tuesday December 5, 2017

Location: The Residents’ Center/Club

As always, the ACHOA Board Meeting Page is available in the right-hand side column menu under ArrowCreek Links.

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Time To Consider Adding A Little Kindness . . .

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Local ArrowCreek Owners: TODAY Is Your Last Day To VOTE!!

TODAY is the last day to get ArrowCreek Board of Directors ballots hand delivered into the ballot box at the Residents’ Center or hand delivered to Associa at Suite 200 at 10509 Professional Circle in Reno BY 5PM!

If you haven’t voted yet, PLEASE DO SO RIGHT NOW !!
Get it delivered ASAP !!

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