Acronyms and Abbreviations List

Acronym/Abbrev Definition Search Where Used or More Information
AC ArrowCreek

ACCC ArrowCreek Community Club, ArrowCreek Communications Committee, ArrowCreek Community Club Committee

(unfortunately used with 3 different meanings, dependent on context)

ACHOA ArrowCreek Home Owner(s’) Association

APG, APGM, APMG Arnold Palmer Golf (Management) (Group)

BOD Board Of Directors

CC&Rs Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

CIC Common Interest Community

CGCS Certified Golf Course Superintendent

CNA, (CNAC) Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek (ArrowCreek)

FOA Friends Of ArrowCreek

HOA Home Owner(s’) Association

JV Joint Venture

NAC Nevada Administrative Code

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) are the regulations that outline how laws are administered in Nevada. Changes to regulations are preceded by workshops and public hearings.

NCET Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

NCET is a member-supported nonprofit organization that produces events to help individuals and businesses explore and use technology. For more information click here.

NRS Nevada Revised Statutes Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are laws that are enacted by the Nevada State legislature.

REMSA Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority

SOA Somersett Owner(s’) Association

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