FOA News Coverage for February 2015

FOA News Coverage for February 2015 (so far)

Updated: Mon 8:59 AM, Feb 02, 2015
By: Rebecca Kitchen
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KOLO8-ArrowCreek Golf Course to go Private:

RENO, NV – After being rescued by a group of members and residents, a new future is in store for ArrowCreek’s golf course. Now known as the Club at ArrowCreek, the new management is taking the course back to its beginning.

The 36-hole course has seen its ups and downs, but now under the management of Arnold Palmer Golf, the Club at ArrowCreek is changing its policies.

“We believe it’s counterproductive for a club to be both public and private,” Jayson Petersen said. “We feel like you’re either a public property or a private course.”

Which is why starting May 1, the course is going completely private. Since 2006, the Challenge Course has been members only, while the Legends course designed by Arnold Palmer has been open to the public. According to Petersen, operating like that devalued memberships, and by going private, the club can offer better service to its members.

“It just upholds the integrity of the course up higher,” he said. “There are more benefits that come along with being a member.”

Once the change happens, ArrowCreek will be the only private 36-hole golf course in northern Nevada. It’s a move, management says, that is already attracting new members and intriguing former members.

“I think they understand the benefits of becoming a private club,” Christina Richmond, Membership Director, said. “They’ve heard from their friends of how things are changing. What’s been exciting for us is the current membership base has really helped spread the word throughout the community. That’s really really helped us and it’s created a really great energy here at the club.”

The new management says it has a goal of enrolling about 400 new members by July. They admit it’s a lofty goal, but say they are well on their way to reaching it.

“We’re just excited going forward,” Gary Pestello, chairman of The Friends of ArrowCreek, said. “It’s a new future, a new outlook and this whole community is going to be better for it. And we’re excited about bringing them in and having them be a part of us as well. ”

Pestello says they are offering complimentary rounds of golf for people interested in becoming members. A variety of membership packages are available, including $250 per month for people living outside ArrowCreek and $230 per month for those who live in the community.

For more details on membership at The Club at ArrowCreek, call 775-850-4471.

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 3:39 PM PDT
Updated: Oct 03, 2014 6:39 PM PDT
By: Paul Nelson
The Club at ArrowCreek Announces New Management

Reno Gazette Journal
Posted: 6:08 p.m. PST January 30, 2015
By: Guy Clifton
ArrowCreek Taking Both Golf Courses Private May 1

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