Top Ten Principles for Maintaining  An Autocratic HOA Oligarchy

Top Ten Principles for Maintaining  An Autocratic HOA Oligarchy**

                                                                                **” Oligarchy” per Wikipedia: A form of power structure in which  power rests with  a small number of people   in a later Wikipedia  definition ( the leadership class)

            By James N. Verhey—– Qualified Member and Resident of Arrow Creek

Hi All,

Here are some of my reflective thoughts on historically  NEGATIVE   political manipulation principles that have been used in past and current ArrowCreek  political seasons as well as ongoing operations for unrepresented  control of our community destiny.

1. Control the communication channels. Minimize two way communications flow. Use obscure communication vehicles for official messaging that are difficult to access. Avoid Open Agenda Town Hall Meetings …at all costs.

2. Diminish, discount, demean, denigrate and ridicule all perceived adversaries. Put a special and aggressive focus on any real or potential troublemakers.

3. Define “conflict of interest” in terms more liberally than what is required of Nevada Legislators. Cover and mask the underlying  agenda.

4. Explain only when it is absolutely necessary and then complicate and obfuscate. Use partial truths.

5. Use blaming and name calling techniques liberally for marginalizing any perceived opponents.

6. Refrain from soliciting Member expertise or opinions  and viewpoints . Never acknowledge communications of issues/ concerns and improvement ideas and then accuse the HOA  servant subjects of being apathetic, negligent and disinterested.

7. Establish an aura of potential intimidation and possible retribution for functioning as an opponent.

8. Amplify leader martyrdom and self sacrifice as a disguise for other  motivations.

9. Appear reasonable. Display  a thin veneer of civility to cover fundamental ruthlessness.

10. Remain unaccountable with the use of other people’s money.

This OLIGARCHIC  POWER /CONTROL culture needs to be replaced with application of a new community based version of  factors and inspirations of the draft ArrowCreek  Management Transformation Model document (see 10/19/17 blog: I Am Voting NO for the ACHOA Governing Document Changes).


Onward and Upward,

Jim Verhey

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