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  1. Jason says:

    It is unbelievable to me how much the ACHOA is pushing to buy this golf course, and what a bad decision it is. When I moved to ArrowCreek six months ago, I was told that if the golf course was purchased that HOA fees would increase $80/month. Now I’m hearing $100/month. (That’s a 25% increase from the original estimate.) There’s a multi-year drought in process. This area is over-run with golf courses. And now I’m getting propaganda from the ACHOA. They sent a “study” showing how golf course proximity improves home values. (Never mind that most of those studies occurred during the housing bubble when everyone wanted “bigger and better” and in the post-Recession world people want “reasonable and affordable.”) The studies did not make any mention of how HOA fees negatively affect housing values. If this golf course is purchased, our HOA fees will be significantly higher than in Montreaux, which has a course most golfers would prefer to Arrowcreek’s.

    Then I received a letter about how the Friends of ArrowCreek who currently own the golf course had halted negotiations, but our HOA was pushing forward. Why in the hell would our HOA keep pushing? I thought we were supposed to be the last ditch buyer in the event that the club had no other options. Now the current owners are trying to raise membership to raise the price on us. Let the Friends of Arrowcreek keep their investment. If their plans to improve it work out well, I will wish them nothing but the best with their business decision. But they can’t aim high, then dump the golf course on the rest of us if it doesn’t work out. This is ludicrous! ACHOA has no business running a business. Having a Starbucks nearby increases home values. Will ACHOA next suggest that we all pitch in to build a Starbucks and our ridiculously beauracratic HOA will run it?!!

    I have plenty of expensive hobbies like Scuba diving, travel and snowboarding. I don’t expect anyone to subsidize my decisions. Conversely, I admire people who find enjoyment in golf, but if that’s their decision, they can pay for it themselves. What the ACHOA is attempting is what Warren Buffett calls “the corporate imperative” which means that people in power are constantly pushing to expand the scope and reach of their power, always using other people’s money to do so.


  2. vu says:

    I don’t golf and don’t even intend to learn to play golf. I like to live in the Arrowcreek community but have no interest in the Country Club and golf course business. I like the way it is now, the HOA without the golf fees. I think it’s fair. Whoever wants to play golf should pay extra for it. Who does not play, does not pay. If they want the Arrowcreek homeowners to vote regards this ongoing matter, I will vote against it.


  3. Jerry and Sarita Snow says:

    It appears that all of the Board Members voted in were the ones
    recommended by the FOA. I am willing to be present for all
    counting of votes and to check each one to be authentic.


  4. Jerry and Sarita Snow says:

    We feel that with the Board of the ACHOA so pro buying the club, it is very important that members that are not pro buying the club be present at any and all vote counts.
    Jerry and Sarita Snow


    • Webmaster Note: I will also post this to the Voices to the Webmaster page.


      • Ron Duncan says:

        Jerry and Sarita,
        It’s even more important to get every property owner to vote their conscience! Do we want to force everyone to be a golf club member? Just to enjoy the Residents Center, which already comes as part of our dues! or to partake in the dining ‘experience’ of the golf club? I personally don’t think so. The accounting firm will count the votes at the highest level of integrity, I’ve observed them in the past. We need the people to show up for the ACHOA Board meetings and cast their votes accordingly.
        Ron Duncan


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