ACHOA Governing Documents

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2019-04-18 2nd Amended Articles, CC&Rs and Bylaws * Slow to load – it is a big file. *

Articles of Incorporation
AC Bylaws 1st Amendment June 1998
AC Opinion- Roberts Rules vs Bylaws 5-19 and 3-3-15 Opinions

Second Amended CCRs Apr 18, 2019
CCRs-Covenants Conditions and Restrictions-OLD

The Appendices are called Exhibits:
EXHIBIT-A Subdivision Property Description
EX-B Golf Course Property Description
EX-C Commercial Center Property Description
EX-D Development Agreement Site Plan
EX-E Preliminary Report of Title
EX-F Phase I Site Plan
Ex-G The Open Space Management Plan has not been found yet.


Washoe County Approved Community Plan:
DA9-1-93-2-pages0001-2569 [This is a huge file (2,569 pages), so it is slow to come up!]

Final Development Agreement/Ordinance No. 963, Bill No. 1138 (Washoe County Approved Community Plan, Final):
Final AC Development Agreement DA9-1-93, Part 2 (516 pages)