Here are some tips and explanations for getting around ArrowCreek411!

If you are reading this on your phone, you want to be sure to be on the full site versus the mobile site. If you don’t see the separate right side column of information, you are on the mobile site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the full site link.

ArrowCreek411 is intended to be a long-lasting ArrowCreek community go-to website.

Across the top under the photo is a menu of links to various pages on the website. Some have sub-links to pages that are organized underneath them. If you rest your cursor over the link, the submenu will pop up. Just click and go!

In the column along the right side there are quick spots to help you make sense of how to get to other information.

At the top is a spot to add your email address if you would like an email when a blog or comment gets added to the site.

Next is a counter of how many times someone has looked at something on the site.

Then there’s a link to a page explaining what the commonly used acronyms and abbreviations mean.

Followed by a listing of links organized within “interest categories” such as: ArrowCreek Internal Sites, Other Blog Sites (Blogroll), Golf Links, Nature, Nevada Legal Links, Resident Artists, Resident Photographers, Resident Writers, Neighborhood Schools, Things to Do, Weather, and Websites for Other HOAs (Our HOA Board is looking at the possibility of having a different HOA Website.).

There is also a Search Spot to do your own key word search.

Next is a list of Top Posts & Pages so you can see the most popular things being read at the moment.

Recent Comments follows the Top Posts & Pages. This is where you catch up with the latest conversations going on (identified by their pages or posts). When you make a comment on a topic, you have the option to get notified if anyone comments after you do. To find out about new topic comments, you have to check here.

Next is a calendar that shows dates bold when new blogs were posted. If you click on that date, the blog written on that date pops up.

The calendar is followed by monthly archives of blog material.

The big blob of words that is next is actually a way to show in a small space what topics are discussed on the website. The bigger the word, the more “tags” or discussions it has. If you click on one of the words, you will get a list of blogs that have been “tagged” as dealing with that topic.

Next there are contact names and methods.

Finally is an indented list of the pages on the website that is called a Site Map because it shows you how to drive through the pages.

2 Responses to Help

  1. Harry McVeigh says:

    My understanding is the vote about the golf course will occur in January. We will be on an international trip for most of January. Will there be absentee ballots? How long will the voting be open?


    • Hi Harry!

      If it starts in January is still a little in the air, but even if it does, I believe it will be open for 90 days according to the AC Club Committee. There are no “absentee” ballots. They will be mailed to the address you have on record with Associa.


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