OMG! “Green” or “Brown”: What is the Fuss?

The discussion about having green or brown open land is a total farce.

These are REAL photos.

D’Andrea or ArrowCreek??


D’Andrea or ArrowCreek??


D’Andrea or ArrowCreek??



Answers:    A: D’Andrea B: ArrowCreek C: ArrowCreek

Given the nonexistent difference in open space now, why the fuss?

The real TRUTH is actually, probably, more-than-likely whether or not a convenient meeting/drinking place is available to go to when kicked out of the house by the spouse . . . or when tired of doing nothing around the house . . . or knowing the honey-do list is waiting at the house . . . But that TRUTH will be impossible to verify with hard facts since it will be full of opinions, male and female . . .

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8 Responses to OMG! “Green” or “Brown”: What is the Fuss?

  1. Bob Gibbs says:

    How about a nice pub and the club house. A place to relax have a beer or whatever and maybe some pub food with friends etc.


    • As long as it is sustainable! How and who defines sustainable? Who owns it with all its baggage and liabilities? Right now, FOA does. May they have a total success with it. As an ArrowCreek homeowner, I am not interested in owning it, but I would consider frequenting it, if it had good food and ambiance.


  2. Curtis says:

    Everything is green in Spring time! There are many misleading posts on 411. This was another good one!


    • Oh, yes, as green as high desert gets in Spring. At least ArrowCreek411 is still trying to find answers and “THE TRUTH” since the ACHOA Board has gone silent. Many ACHOA homeowners think there is no longer any discussion – subject is closed – the May 31st deadline has quietly passed for some kind of vote, the ACHOA Newsletter front page says things are just great at the Club at ArrowCreek for the swarming numbers of new members and nothing is heard about the FOA selling the club. All is good!


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      If the 411 posts are SOOO misleading, why don’t you try and put all of us on the straight path? The photos above are actual and certainly would appear to be from a ‘common’ location on the high desert. Even in summer, desert is desert and if you want something other than desert, you need to not be on the desert.


      • Curtis says:

        With all due respect, photos of DeAndria were posted on 411 last fall including the horrendous DeAndria clubhouse. Residents of Arrowcreek need only look about them to see the beauty of all our green spaces including the over 500 acres of golf course. Your photos of comparison were misleading as are other comparisons. I believe that residents see through this and will no longer respond to your posts.


        • Remember, keep an open mind to new ideas, but ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK… and combine that with common sense to figure out what’s best for YOU!

          Go over to D’Andrea yourself. Take the Vista exit from 80 and it’s not too far down on the right.

          There is no comparison to ArrowCreek! No SECURITY GATE – so go figure – all abandoned unsecured buildings are targets for tagging. The clubhouse is not near houses like the one in ArrowCreek. ALL the houses are smallish on postage stamp lots – kinda like typical Orange County subdivisions where the builder maximized the density for highest profits. The ONLY amenity was the golf course. So for those whose belief system persuaded them to buy into D’Andrea for the belief that golf courses raise home values, shame on them. We know some people who bought into a Minden subdivision south of Carson City on the PROMISE of a future golf course. Shame on them, too, if that was the only reason they bought there.

          As for no one reading comments on 411 any more, the statistics show otherwise. There are still plenty of open- minded ArrowCreek people out in Internet Land that are not afraid to read differing accounts of events and situations so that they can decide on what is best for THEM.


        • Ronald Duncan says:

          Welcome back to the discussion. Two things about your response that are fascinating. First, you clearly go off of first impressions and stop there in your assimilation of information. The most recent photos of D’Andrea and those from a real estate brochure of ArrowCreek would most definitely appear to be from the same place. Yet you say they are misleading? How can that be if the perspectives are the same? What’s the fear level?
          Okay, you’re the first to support my view that the discussion is not about the golf course and the acreage but about the club house. On that topic we can agree. However, you seem to not grasp the FACT that ArrowCreek has gated twenty four (24) hour security, D’Andrea has NONE, and that alone is priceless as a deterrent to ‘tagging.’ Do we want to buy the club house? That may be the very real question.
          If you’ve been paying attention to the demographic study and other discussions on this forum, you’d have noticed one of the primary reasons for people to buy into ArrowCreek is the manned gated secure access. That turns out to be more important than the private golf course inside the gates.
          You still haven’t presented any facts to indicate why arrowcreek411 is misleading. It definitely is a different perspective from those who sit in the Club House.
          Ron Duncan


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