Beware the Lollipop of Mediocrity…

20150926_122348…lick it once and you will suck forever. (Brian Wilson)

DON’T BE A SUCKER!!!!! The homeowners are under NO OBLIGATION, legal OR moral, to bail out our “friends.” They made the decision to go behind our backs with the board and buy the golf course from the bankruptcy court. No one asked them to do so, nor were we asked for our opinion on them doing so!

Do you:

1) feel like exposing yourself to more of this BS?

2) want to essentially become a landlord with people you don’t and cannot trust who have a business likely to ultimately fail?

3) continue to have your peace of mind compromised like it has been FOR THE PAST YEAR?!!!

Let them run their business into the ground or otherwise. We can meet them at the bankruptcy court when they file and buy the land for pennies on the dollar.

Don’t be a sucker! You’ve worked too hard for your money to hand it over to these people so they can laugh all the way to the bank!!!!!

By Patricia Raysik

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5 Responses to Beware the Lollipop of Mediocrity…

  1. Just say No says:

    Amen Patricia! No No No….


  2. reybythebay says:

    Why is the ACHOA board favoring the idea of purchasing the golf course and its properties and its liabilities now and in the future from the FOA so much and at a premium as if there are no other alternatives? The FOA acted independently when they bought the property without any consultation from the ACHOA members. WE (the ACHOA) are not obligated to bail our “friends” as someone said.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Not quite an accurate statement. The ACHOA BOD in the spring of 2014 was indeed working with individuals who would form the ‘Friends Of ArrowCreek.’ These advisors worked with the board to ‘salvage’ the golf course and club house from the then despised owner. They did this with the knowledge that the ACHOA BOD, in the interest of protecting property values, would then get the MAJORITY of property owners to support them in purchasing this asset, with a minor fee of 12% (See the proposal from October 2014 ACHOA Board meeting). That ‘plan’ ran into some legal difficulty which is why we are where we are today. Another BAD proposal that needs to be rejected by ALL the owners.
      Ron Duncan


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