CNA Rebuttal to ACHOA FAQ II Released 022615

The Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek have released their rebuttal to the ArrowCreek HOA answers to Frequently Asked Questions Part II on the Feb 26 blog. Read it here:

Here is the link back to the ACHOA release:

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5 Responses to CNA Rebuttal to ACHOA FAQ II Released 022615

  1. scott mariani says:

    Thanks Ron. It is obvious what they are doing. They are going try to boil us Frogs by making us think that the water is “just fine”.


  2. Ellie says:

    I guess I came away with a different recollection and interpretation of what was said and briefed during the 2/24/15 HOA meeting. While Sam Fox seemed to say that there was no detailed business plan for the Joint Venture proposal on the table at the time, I did not hear the idea declared dead. Rich Kenny then briefed on the activities of the ACCC and briefly touched on several alternatives that they are investigating regarding having control over the course, the property, and what to do with in the best interest of the community. All the options discussed at the meeting and all the options outlined in the FAQ’s #2 will cost us. Even for the brown option with purchase of the course, if we go by the original ACCC briefing, an average additional fee of $73/month for the first 5 years was cited. (I realize, that the numbers quoted for the different options have been questioned.)

    Please see the bottom half of this link for the rest of this long comment.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Dear Ms. Ellie,
      We certainly agree on the need for the community to stay involved and aware of all the issues currently facing our development. Perhaps you missed Mr. Fox’s direct statement, prior to homeowner comments (item 2 on the agenda), where he specifically stated that there currently is no plan, repeat plan, to either purchase the golf course or to enter into a Joint Venture. He went on to say the Arnold Palmer Group was actually too busy focusing on growing the club to bother with the ACHOA.
      As for behind the scenes work effort, I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact we were informed just yesterday by Associa that the Governing documents committee was meeting with Ms. Segerblom without convening a formal meeting of the committee! In addition, the phony ACCC, nothing more than a disguised ACHOA Board meeting, holds its meetings in secret, cone of silence on its members, and requires new members to be ‘accepted,’ via interview and vote, by the current members of the committee.
      There is much more to come from the opposition in addition to vigilance and reviewing the just released Property value report.
      I welcome the continued discussion,
      Ron Duncan


  3. Ellie says:

    The ArrowCreek Homeowners Association, Inc. currently has one of the highest monthly assessments (ACHOA fees) in the Reno area. Is this a true statement?

    This question was recently answered in the FAQ’s # 2 installment, concluding that we are actually one of the cheapest HOA’s if one compares like communities. Many factors go into the decision of where to buy a house. So, I propose the real question is what do you feel you are getting for your money and the answer to that question depends on what you value.

    Please see the top half of this link for the rest of this long comment.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Dear Neighbor,
      Although you begin by posing a question, which the apparent answer to is NO, it’s unclear what point you’re trying to make. The ACHOA Board has said they have “No
      PLAN currently to buy the golf course or join a Joint Venture.” Many have accepted this at face value, so there currently is not a plan. The very real issue is that the real estate community has not accepted this weasel worded statement to mean the ACHOA will not buy the golf course in the future. A statement to that effect will go a long way to restoring confidence in ArrowCreek’s leadership and allow all of us to reassess our future plans.
      Ron Duncan


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