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tennis ball–  You might not recognize HIC Investment Company LP by name, but they are the owners of the Lakeridge Tennis Club.  They have received a Notice of Default (click Log In tab) for missing the 1 December 2014 payment on their $10,700,000 deed of trust.  HIC is also in default with the Secretary of State and does not have a current business license.

Lakeridge Tennis Club sits on a prime 9.25 acre site at the corner of McCarran and Plumas.  If rezoned MF30, the site could accommodate 275 units – more if the City allows greater density, which I think they will.  I think the days of tennis being played on the site are limited.

–  The purchase of the land and water rights beneath the Somersett Golf and Country Club closed escrow last week for $2.75M.  The Somersett Owners Association are now “protected” if SGCC fails financially.  Before you…

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  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    I certainly wouldn’t put any money on ArrowCreek failing. The FOA has a great strategy and, with Arnold Palmer Golf, will more than welcome the Lake Ridge golfers with open arms. The ACHOA doesn’t need to own the golf course for it to be successful. On-the-other-hand, this is a definite blow to the Tennis community in Reno.
    Ron Duncan


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