Lots of Personalities Make A Community

As I researched the different ways of doing quantitative, qualitative, empirical, theoretical and practical data gathering, I was reminded that different people relate to different kinds of reasoning. The different personality types were much more interesting to the “social” me rather than delving into statistics – which as far as I’m concerned is just manipulation of data to justify the desired end.

On to lighter conversation. . .

So, do you remember the Enneagram of Personality? It is a typology that is more encountered in business situations of trying to get the “TEAM” working better together by understanding that other people are not necessarily just like you, or spiritual enlightenment states for self-awareness exercises… Well, we can get right back to hogwash and bad behavior really fast or take a deep breath, read through this wikipedia collection of the concept and ponder the nine types of personality for a few moments. Which type are you? How big are your wings? What happens when you stress? How do you behave when you are on top of your world? Remember that other people in the community are not exactly like you, no matter how much you want them to be. The community is stronger if we all try to understand where the other people are coming from because of their own personal experiences and we all respect our differences.

Here is Wikipedia‘s collection of information on the Enneagram of Personality.

Here is the table. The table on-line has further links.

If this appalls you, maybe this is easier to connect with: Community is Everything

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