ArrowCreek Club Committee Due Diligence Released

The cancellation of the ArrowCreek Community vote on the purchase of 475 acres of land under the golf courses of The Club at ArrowCreek from the FOA still stands. However, the ArrowCreek Club Committee Chairperson, Rich Kenny, has released the enclosed document so the ArrowCreek Community can see the committee’s due diligence work and point of view toward the purchase of the golf course land and arrangements between the FOA and HOA.

The document is here: The Purchase Proposal as of 12/15


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14 Responses to ArrowCreek Club Committee Due Diligence Released

  1. Margaret Mcconnell says:

    This stream of notes saddens me. It appeared our wonderful community was on the road to healing, but apparently this is not so. The homeowners spoke clearly, via the recent Board election; homeowners do NOT wish to own the golf courses here in AC. This is no way means homeowners don’t support The Club; who would be foolish enough to not want The Club to succeed? It will enhance all of our home values and offers the opportunity for folks to enjoy both golf and social events in a nice setting. That said, it is now time to proceed with upgrades/improvements/expansion of our Residents’ Center. We have outgrown the Work out room and have inadequate space for community meetings. In addition, we need office space for our HOA Management Company staff, we could use some smaller/more intimate rooms for small groups to play cards and other games, and the whole center could use a ‘facelift’. I am not proud of the center as it appears now; it looks like a center one would expect to see at a mobile home park, not a center that serves residents who reside in very upscale residences. I hope the FOA will let go of its continued actions requesting the ACHOA to help support the FOA’s success (reference to Ron Duncan’s quotes above about such financial request) and concentrate on ensuring the FOA is financially successful. Everyone here, it would seem, wants the FOA and our golf courses to be successful, now and in the future.


    • unrulydb says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I would add that improving the kitchen at the resident’s center has been discussed for many years. Way before the outdoor bar, that virtually no one uses, was built. Sinks and cooking appliances would make that space so much more usable.

      More lights at the resident’s center, including the tennis court, would also make that space more usable in the summer months.

      I agree no one wants the golf course to fail and now that things have settled down a little bit, maybe the FOA and Arnold Palmer can make it go.


      • Margaret Mcconnell says:

        It would be great if the new Board were to solicit input from AC homeowners on this issue (amenities improvements at the Residents’ Center) as well as amenity improvements throughout our community. An organized, systematic plan is much needed instead of the ‘shoot from the hip’ approach we’ve had in the past. A perfect example of this is the unused outside service area near the pools that was constructed at considerable expense on a whim and has been virtually left unused ever since it was built. This kind of wasted AC homeowner money is a shame and inappropriate. I think this new Board will be much more transparent, responsible, inclusive, and deliberate in their approach to community management.


        • jimmyleg says:

          I am glad the land purchase/lease-back issue is over. I did not want to be a partial owner of land that would be dedicated for non-HOA use within our HOA community.

          By being a member of the AC HOA anyone can use the HOA rec center facilities, or not. If you wish to remain a member of the AC HOA and pay less dues because you refrain from using the rec center facilities, I suggest you bring this issue up to the Board. Good luck.

          +Margaret Mcconnell — I agree with your comments. Many HOA members want a successful, privately owned ArrowCreek golf club, want improvements made to the HOA rec center, and want more transparency in all processes concerning the HOA board and various committees. This is what the recent HOA board vote displayed.

          +Rich Kenny — Thank you for making public your committee’s due diligence report. I remember your presentations at the October and November HOA meetings. Also, the cartoonish, mean-spirited post card you refer to was an embarrassment to many of us. Still, I don’t think it had as great an influence on the HOA board members’ vote as you believe.


  2. Rich Kenny says:


    The HOA is bound by the Nevada Revised Statues to do its best to communicate accurate and complete information. Consequently we were unable to respond to the inaccurate and inflammatory statements and postcards which were sent to homeowners until we had an actual proposal and contractual documents in front of us. It is unfortunate that homeowners never had a chance to vote on actual facts.

    The FOA cancelled their intention to commit to the agreement because they felt it in the best interest of the Community to conclude a contentious situation.

    Whether or not that remains in the best interest homeowners remains to be seen.

    Rich Kenny


  3. Dale Nuszloch says:

    Mr Duncan,
    As a 15 year plus resident of ArrowCreek and Golf Club member I am backing the club and becoming an investor; as are others. The same people that didn’t show up for the crucial meetings will not show up at the residents club proposed activities from my experience. I think your extreme negative position regards to the golf club is in the minority of the majority residents in ArrowCreek when all facts are know.
    Dale Nuszloch


    • Ron Duncan says:

      Congratulations on your investment decision! I hope it works out well for you and all of the other people who’ve chosen that path. I’m totally puzzled by the statement “I think your extreme negative position regards to the golf club is in the minority of the majority residents in ArrowCreek…..” I have encouraged people to join The Club, in fact some of our closest supporters are either planning on joining or have already joined with encouragement from the CNA team. The fact that we do not believe it’s in the best interests of the community to OWN The Club and golf courses should not deter people from gaining socialization via The Club’s activities.

      Expanding the scope and breadth of HOA activities should in no way threaten The Club. However, it should provide an alternative for those who choose not to expend budget dollars on a private entity.
      Ron Duncan


      • Dale Nuszloch says:

        From reply post it appears I misinterpreted your Golf Club position. I apologize for that. I trust expansion of the Residence Club does not result in an increase in my monthly dues. I too do not swim or play tennis or use the fitness room. I walk my dog on the paths and play golf for my exercise.


        • Ron Duncan says:


          Apology accepted. The fitness room definitely needs an expansion and it is heavily used by many. In addition, we/The HOA does not have a facility that will hold a meeting of a ‘majority of residents.’ It would definitely be a benefit to our community to have such a meeting place.

          Take care,
          Ron 🙂


  4. Gretchen says:

    Hi Don. All of those facts were presented to the homeowners at the meetings at the clubhouse. Those who cared to find out were in attendance. There were some who distorted facts to fit their views and made their views widely known through mean spirited and untrue statements on postcards that were sent to homeowners. Most of us who supported the club concept thought that common sense would prevail. The vote for the new members of the HOA board proved that the publicity sent out by unnamed groups did its job of turning the community against the golf club. By this time, many members of the FOA had lost faith in the ability of the community to pass the vote and it was withdrawn by mutual agreement of HOA and FOA in an attempt to return harmony to the community. We still plan to make The Club at ArrowCreek financially stable, and profitable. We are inviting community members to become members of the club, or even investors. A lively and profitable golf course will only add value to your homes.


    • Ron Duncan says:


      Common Sense did prevail! The fact that that is not acceptable to a minority of owners only exacerbates the issue.

      Some of the ‘facts’ presented by the ACCC were definitely NOT presented at any open meeting where they would have been questioned. The methodology used, and documented in this post, was absolutely never revealed as it is basically flawed. Open space property, non-developable, should have been the criteria for establishing a price point. Certainly not in-fill property like Harrahranch or any golf courses.

      As documented in the ACHOA Demographic Survey, a majority of people work during the hours that the ACHOA continually schedules meetings. They definitely do care about our community and many would love to participate but have work-a-day and family pressures to deal with. They get their news from multiple sources and the ‘post cards’ certainly caused them to become aware and informed of a critical issue facing our community. None of those offensive cards referenced came from Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek (Everything originating from that organization was properly identified.).

      “Returning harmony to the community,” really? Is that why ‘The Company’ is asking for payment of access fees to the HOA Maintenance Building and the pit? Is that why individuals within ‘The Company’ continue to threaten and work on plans for expanded development on the Legends course? Somehow, this appears to be a distorted view of community. Why not put the same effort into expanding and improving the amenities of the HOA, as some are already working to do?
      Ron Duncan


      • Rich Kenny says:

        Well Ron,

        I don’t play tennis, I don’t swim and I don’t walk a my “dog” (non existent) in the open area below the residents’ center. What would you suggest I’d be glad to pay extra for other than the value of my property? Perhaps the advertising revenue on your website? Ooops, forgot I already paid for that!

        You mention “the Company”. They are private land owners. The can do whatever they please. Is this a problem for you? You might reference the Constitution and Nevada state statutes …

        Just asking …


        • Ron Duncan says:


          I said I wouldn’t attack your ACCC write-up and that still holds. However, I truly do not understand the ” Perhaps the advertising revenue on your website? Ooops, forgot I already paid for that!.” NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has paid the webmaster a cent for anything on! That was put together as a service by the webmaster, after a discussion with residents who wanted more information on what’s happening within our community, rather than the sterile ACHOA web site. It has certainly done that, much to the chagrin of a number of individuals.

          As for ACHOA services and amenities, perhaps there’s something the Board has over-looked in these past ten years? Perhaps you could even assist in re-directing some of our largesse to provide some of those items.

          The Company indeed does own 525 acres and buildings and facilities. However, that property is bound to the ArrowCreek subdivision via the Development Agreement; The county Master Plan and……….the CC&Rs and Bylaws of ArrowCreek. Within the boundaries of those documents, until changed, they can do whatever suits their fancy. Changing those documents will NOT be an easy nor short road.
          Ron Duncan


  5. Don says:

    This post makes me wonder about a couple of things. First, why were these facts not put together and released to homeowners previously? Second, why was the vote cancelled?


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