AC Control, AC Control, We Have a Problem

By Wayne Krachun

Mr. Kenny proposes that we pay $3.3 million for acres devoted to a dying hobby. We then collect rent of $4,000 (keep in mind The Club is already paying us $16,000 for road fees.) So, the payback on this investment is 825 years?!? But wait, we’re responsible for fire mitigation, funding capital replacements, environmental issues, and keeping 9 or 18 holes green for a year when the FOA claims financial woes!?!?

And this crack Negotiating Team that includes Messrs. Kenny, Burkett, Fox & Reeder believe this Proposal is in the best interests of us owners because we “control our own destiny”??

That’s some destiny all right. And Mr. Kenny advised that each one of us has to decide if this makes sense. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

ArrowCreek owners, we have a problem. There is a major disconnect between us owners and this group whose agenda is to subsidize The Club.

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2 Responses to AC Control, AC Control, We Have a Problem

  1. John Lambert says:

    I agree with the above sentiments; This is really madness. Please, people, vote this down.


  2. Patricia Raysik says:

    And don’t forget that, if they decide to stop paying us on our “lease” with them how do we effectively evict them?! I guess we can pay some more attorney ‘s fees to wrangle with them over that issue when that happens? What will keep them from declaring bankruptcy and blowing off everything they’re in arrears to us for?

    This is such a ridiculously horrible deal for the homeowners that the four who negotiated it SHOULD be called up for a breach if fiduciary duty. No question about it. I don ‘t see how they have the cajones to hold up their heads!

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