I Am Voting NO for the ACHOA Governing Document Changes

Webmaster’s Note: This article was written after the ArrowCreek Town Hall Meeting but before the Oct-Nov 2017 ACHOA Newsletter was distributed. Budget numbers and assessment fees are fluctuating and will fluctuate up until the board approves the budget at the ACHOA Board Meeting on November 7, 2017, currently billed as being held at the ArrowCreek Residents’ Center. If you have questions for the board, please come to the Nov. 7, 6 PM board meeting.

The following is by Jim Verhey:

I’ve decided to vote “NO” on the ArrowCreek Governing Document change proposal and I want to share some thoughts with you on the fact that the destiny of Arrow Creek is at a crossroads juncture.

I absolutely love the US style of Representative government at the Federal, State and Local level as much as I’m sure you do, but I don’t want to have it taken away from me at the HOA Neighborhood level.

The proposed ArrowCreek governing documents that are being presented for community approval certainly clean up old confusing verbiage which is all well and good but they do something far more. They expand the authorities of the Board and allow for wide latitude for the Board in community decision making which seriously diminishes the authority of the Members.

Instead of complaining and negating about this, I am suggesting consideration of a more positive approach to overcome and transcend the current and possible future issues with our destiny.

The approach is provided as follows for your review in making your own decision on both the proposal and the election of new Board Member candidates for a new, refreshing and better style of ArrowCreek HOA Management.

ArrowCreek Management Model

Jim Verhey
Kachina Court

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