ArrowCreek Oct-Nov 2017 Newsletter Is In Your eMail Box Now….

…as long as you’ve filled out the form for Associa to send you emails. If you need the form, it is here. Send the completed form back to Associa.

The ArrowCreek HOA Newsletter contains important information for all residents. The newsletter is only sent to Owners of the community. If you rent out or lease out your property, please be sure to share the newsletter with your tenants. Additional hard copies are available at the Residents Club. The newsletter is posted on the old AC HOA website under Our Community under Newsletter or maybe on the new prototype Arrowcreek-hoa website (not sure where yet – perhaps behind the higher right corner login). You must have a login to see the newsletter there. Of course, because tenants have no HOA account number, tenants can’t get to the information there.

In the latest Oct-Nov 2017 newsletter, there is lots of great ACHOA information including updated possible 2018 budget figures and possible 2018 association dues increases. The board and budget committee took some input from the 9/27/17 town hall meeting into account and did some revising. The numbers are not the same as presented at the town hall.

Oct-Nov 2017 Newsletter

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