ACCC Responds to Resident’s Center Exercise Facility Question

The ACHOA Communications Committee has responded to an individually asked question concerning the Resident’s Center Exercise Facility.

The question is restated with the response below.

“My husband and I are regular users of the exercise facilities at the Arrrowcreek Residents Club.  We have concerns about the impact of extra people using the facilities.

At present, there is only one reclining bike.  There regularly are people waiting to use this piece of equipment.

Also there is only one shower and inadequate bench space in the women’s locker/bath room. (Other shower is across the pool and inconvenient.)  Men’s facilities are marginal, also.

I did not see the impact on the Resident’s Club addressed in the proposal. As non-golfers, we would like to see this issue addressed.   Please address in the golf club proposal and respond to my e-mail.”

Currently, the ACHOA has no plans to expand the exercise facilities at the ArrowCreek Residents Club. The only plans at this time for current exercise facility equipment is included within the replacement schedule in the ACHOA Reserve Fund. There are no ACHOA Capital Project plans to modify shower facilities at this time, although it may be considered as part of the modification to the kitchen canteen work that is planned for 2015 under the ACHOA Capital Projects Budget.  Otherwise, these would be projects for the future ACHOA budgets if status quo is maintained.

Possible expansion of the current exercise facility has been discussed during the current negotiations with Arnold Palmer Golf.  These discussions are very preliminary and would require agreement between the ACHOA and Arnold Palmer Golf to fund the remodeling/expansion expense either from additional investment or from the profits of the joint venture.

With regards to the reclining bike being a popular piece of equipment, we do not think that an additional bike could be added given the limited space available.  However, we will ask staff to monitor equipment usage.  If some other piece of equipment is under-utilized, then the ACHOA could consider replacing that equipment with an additional reclining bike.

If the ACHOA votes to purchase “The Club At ArrowCreek” and votes for the Joint Venture model for operation of “The Club At ArrowCreek,” the operation plan will include the lease of the ArrowCreek Resident’s Club to the Joint Venture as part of the Community Club concept. This has many hurdles to overcome before finalized plans can be provided including agreement with the JV partner Arnold Palmer Golf (APG).

As additional information is developed through negotiations with APG, the Communications Committee will update the community. Please visit the ACHOA website, the ArrowCreek411 website, and/or come to the Board/Town Hall meetings for updates.


ACHOA Communications Committee

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1 Response to ACCC Responds to Resident’s Center Exercise Facility Question

  1. Ron Duncan says:

    If we the residents/HOA community decide to re-prioritize the budget, there is no reason the modifications to the residents center couldn’t proceed ASAP. We don’t need the Arnold Palmer Golf (APG) to coach us in improving our community facilities. The golf club should remain separate and run by the FOA. There is absolutely no rational reason why the residents center can’t be improved within our current dues structure with your inputs.
    The Joint Venture is a smoke screen to try and persuade us to give up what’s already ours in the hope that a corporate venture will do what we can do on our own.
    Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek


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