The BIG Picture

by Ron Duncan

There appear to be two perspectives of the Big Picture at Arrow Creek as I sit and look over the Truckee Meadows. The first perspective is intended to preserve a life style and privilege while bringing along the ‘less fortunate.’ The second perspective allows Freedom of Choice to dictate what life style is best for each property owner and family.

The first perspective was captured in a letter to the webmaster comment: “…big picture in all of this. A thriving Club will spin off cash because we paid so little for this property, which the HOA, as a non profit, could use to supplement Reserves related to our private streets, in particular, which will always be a problem, reduce HOA monthly dues, or improve common areas, including the Community Center. The timing on all of this is very good. New Custom Homes are springing up all over Arrowcreek. Many of these people will join the Club. We are already seeing new members and old members come back. While it makes sense for the HOA to buy the Club to control it forever, if it does not happen, I am sure the FOA, composed of some pretty smart people, will run it as a successful business, one way or another…” The two missed strokes in this picture are the amount of funds needed from our ACHOA and the litigation risks if the ACHOA controls the land. The ACHOA, based upon the November presentation, indicated that it would spend $1.2 Million per year to support The Club Joint Venture with all property owners being mandated to join. So, is ‘profit’ measured after The Club makes $2.4 Million per year (Joint Venture partner ‘kicking’ in another $1.2 Million)? or does the Joint venture just give the ACHOA a ‘refund?’ The second missed stroke is land control. Should the Joint Venture decide to close one of the golf courses, for any reason, the property owners along that course can sue the ACHOA for damaging their property. Since we are the ACHOA, those suits are basically against themselves and us and it will cost money to battle this out in court (This fact was revealed in the ACHOA Question response for ACHOA Responds to Resident’s FAQ Questions Posted on January 29, 2015 on It certainly seems that these facts were over-looked in this portrayal of the big picture. Also the roads and Residents Center are already accounted for in our normal dues. Taxes and dues don’t go down, that’s a fact we all live with and it’s hard to live without.

The second perspective is one of Freedom of Choice. Today, you can choose to belong to The Club or not belong, your choice. Not everyone must belong to The Club for it to be successful. As noted in the first vision The Club is getting new members along with some old members rejoining. (APG is hoping for 400 new members by July.) This is a very positive thing as the possibility of further litigation is significantly decreased. Values are preserved and an independent club allows families to choose which of the myriad of opportunities to enjoy provided by the current ACHOA dues structure. In fact, expansion of the Residents Center just requires some budgeting in the future years to ensure the community has the desired improvements. So, this second perspective sees a thriving independent golf club operation nestled within the secure fence line of a happy community free to choose what they wish to participate in without the concern of a golf club making money or not: Two independent entities living happily side by side on the shoulder of an ancient volcano on the high desert, where water is precious.

Two big picture perspectives to choose from. It will come down to a choice.

Ron Duncan

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