Nationwide Participation Trends in Sports, Fitness & Outdoor Recreation Activities

This study will interest several ArrowCreek community members.

The Fairfax County (Va) Park Authority Staff presented a new report of current national recreation activity participation trends, highlighting select findings from the report in April 2015. This is the seventh report in a series extending back to 2002 that aims to periodically provide a review of participation trends in activities relevant to the Park Authority. Trends analysis is an important management tool as it provides a broader context to help interpret local participation patterns.

Periodic analysis of recreation and leisure trends is a National Recreation and Park Association CAPRA agency accreditation standard.

Report findings are based on information gleaned from the annual nationwide survey of sports, recreation and fitness activity participation conducted on behalf of the Physical Activity Council. Other sources include reports from the Sports & Fitness Industry
Association, National Golf Foundation, International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association and Outdoor Industry Association among others.

Current trends will be discussed in the following areas:
− Sports
− Fitness
− Golf
− Outdoor recreation
− Macro activity trends

Here is the facinating 7th Report in a Continuing Series on Nationwide Participation Trends in Sports, Fitness & Outdoor Recreation Activities (April 2015) – Scroll in about 6 pages for the actual report. It is part of the on-line account of the Fairfax County Park Authority Memorandum for the meeting where it was presented.

Here is the link again for our ArrowCreek Demographic Survey Report .

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