No Trespassing on Private Golf Property


Dear ACHOA Owner:

Homeowners are reminded that the golf course is private property. It has come to our attention that some homeowners are using sleds and snow shoes on the course. This can damage the underlying turf, especially when the snow is shallow.

Please do not use the course for any snow related activities. Thank you.

ArrowCreek Board of Directors


For questions regarding the ArrowCreek HOA or the information in this email, please contact Associa Sierra North at Or by phone at 775-626-7333. Thank you.

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4 Responses to No Trespassing on Private Golf Property

  1. carolyn mariani says:

    The drainage culvert outside the country club maintenance yard is HOA property also. Possibly it would be nice to see the club not washing down their herbicide/fertilizer spills down into it every chance they get. Also, how about relocating the 704M Hazardous Material Placards and putting some numbers onto it so that we don’t scare away potential home buyers and also give our local firefighters a proper warning in case of an emergency? Scott Mariani


  2. Ron Duncan says:

    Dear Sore Election Losers?

    The Non-residential property, i.e. The Golf Course, has been, is and will remain PRIVATE PROIPERTY, NO TRESPASSING under current ownership rules and under the terms of the acquisition. This is partly due to the danger posed to people walking on an active golf course . It is also the result of the current owners not wishing to replant the spaces used for golf. If it was your yard and people were tramping through it and you had to replant every few months, you wouldn’t appreciate it either.

    In addition The Club pays $1,308 per month for use of our roads and a bit of our security. So, let’s respect others people’s property and not cause issues.
    Ron Duncan


  3. Sore election losers? says:

    Please keep the golfers off our roads it’s “private “property”
    FOA? Who need enemies…


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