Two Different Audiences, Two Different Letters, Two Different Conclusions?

You decide.

From the ACHOA website: The Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA), The Club at ArrowCreek (TCAC) and its management team have recently notified its current membership of several changes that impact their membership experience and related costs. The ArrowCreek HOA Board has posted their update letter on the ACHOA website for your reading here.
(Many ACHOA members have complained that they can’t get in to the website. Be sure you are logging in from the login button in the top right corner. Do not use the eunify login box in the top middle of the page unless you have a login for the new eunify website!) If you still can’t get in, the same letter is here.

Notice that the introduction indicates it is a supplement to the letter the Club at ArrowCreek members already received. What letter was that? It is here.

Clearly the FOA is doing their damnedest to have their venture succeed and they are wished well by Caring Neighbors of Arrowcreek (CNA). However, the partial reduction/’furlough’ discussed in their letter to members, is definitely not ‘fake news.’ The ‘furlough’ is being considered IF the membership is not expanded. We wish them well and plan to stay tuned in and active.

If you haven’t completed the ACHOA Strategic Plan Survey, given these letters PLEASE get your input into the process here! A lengthier posting about the survey follows next.

For CNA, Ron Duncan

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