Save the Somersett Golf Course! Oh-oh!

Somersett in Northwest Reno is also going through a similar situation as ArrowCreek about their golf/community club.

Here is the blogsite recording the information: Somersett United

Of particular interest to ArrowCreek property owners are these blogs:

May 11, 2012:
Save the Somersett Golf Course

November 27, 2013:
Proposed SOA SGCC New Agreement

September 30, 2014:
September 25 Aspen Lodge Meeting 2

November 24, 2014
Board of Director Election Results

Here is the Reno Gazette Journal article from May 2012.

Here are some articles by the REreno blog regarding Somersett and Golf:
in July 2013 — The $107 Bucket of Balls
again in July 2013 — Somersett – A Modest Proposal
in Nov 2013 — CCR Revisions at the ‘Sett
in Jan 2014 — Fore! – mentions ArrowCreek as well.
in Sep 2014 — The ‘Sett

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3 Responses to Save the Somersett Golf Course! Oh-oh!

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  2. REreno says:

    There are a lot of similarities as well as differences between the ArrowCreek and Somersett golf situations. AC has the clubhouse as the significant asset, and SGCC has water rights. County Club members seen to be the driving force pushing for ownership changes / structures at both. The proposed purchase of SFGG by SOA was halted last week by a Temporary Restraining Order preventing vote counting, campaigning, or any other action, with a hearing scheduled 18 December. Google CV14-02166 for the District Court abstract of the case.


  3. From a “Concerned Citizen”
    In our HOA December Newsletter President of the HOA Sam Fox writes, “…It is imagined that this Joint Venture will run the golf courses, activities, swimming pools, fitness center and other recreational activities within the ACHOA. This is similar to current activities that are occurring at Somersett HOA concerning their golf course operations and recreational facilities.”

    First of all, I personally do not like an ‘outside’ organization controlling assets and activities that I/we already own! Second, if you review our community/citizens web site,, you’ll see that Somersett is involved in several legal entanglements related to Mr. Fox’s statement. Third, do we, the owners of ArrowCreek, want this same future? Where we’re suing ourselves?? (BTW only 30%, 900 ballots out of a possible 2700, of the owners voted)

    We need to slow this train down or bring it to a complete halt. Mr. Fox appears to live in a world very different from mine.


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