Welcome to the ArrowCreek411 Website!

It has come to our attention that a member of the ArrowCreek HOA Board is concerned about a potential conflict of interest between one of the board nominees and the ArrowCreek411 website. This allegation is totally false and should be corrected based on fact…

1) None of the people running for a position on the HOA Board of Directors (BOD) are the webmaster of this website.

2) How is COMMUNICATION a conflict of interest unless someone/something is trying to twist it some way?

Ron Duncan, who is in the running for one of the vacant board positions, was concerned there was no contact information on the website other than the webmaster email address. He is the only one with bocce balls enough to put his name on the site as a contact so far. I would be delighted to add the individual board member contact information as well. Please send contact information to arrowcreek411@gmail.com.

Ron Duncan’s ethics are pure. This site was born from an ArrowCreek neighborhood meeting. This site is meant to spur communication to/between the ArrowCreek community without a censor filter (but spelling and grammar will be fixed!). If people can’t play nice in the sandbox, then some other measures may have to be taken or rules put into place. Real names have been omitted because some people are afraid of retaliation and want to remain anonymous; however, the Webmaster has their contact information – just like on newspaper editorial pages. Hopefully through this website, neighborhood meetings and casual get-togethers, the ArrowCreek community will get to know each other better and there will not be such animosity and distrust. But we have a lot of work to do to make it happen!

Notice also that we have lots of information out here already whereas the HOA is still wringing their hands while deciding what to do to communicate with the residents. If people explore and read what is on the site, they will notice that the ArrowCreek officially sanctioned site is one of the links on the page. This site is fully intended to spread communication and information about all facets of the community. Notice the links to the right highlighting things to do, local attractions, resident artists, photographers and writers. Hopefully the Golf Club situation is not the only topic our residents have in common. Actually, we know already it is not! This website is only one week old as of today yet we have had almost 500 hits (actually 444 hits as this is written) already!

Any ideas for inclusion and improvement are welcomed to be shared – email them to arrowcreek411@gmail.com. Comments can be made for or against any of the blogs. – Just fill in the contact information as you write your comment.

If the ArrowCreek HOA Board sanctioned Communications Committee is smart, they will embrace the concept that the ArrowCreek411 site should be the site for HOA communication releases as well, since it is already up and running. The Webmaster, who, again, is not Mr. Duncan, would be more than happy to post whatever the HOA Communications Committee wants distributed. It won’t be censored either! You can even have your own by-line.  Bring it on.

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