Somersett Technical Restraining Order (TRO) Court Decision

On 22 December the Reno court ruled against continuing the TRO against the Somersett Owners Association (SOA). The court found that the group of homeowners that sued had other legal remedies to pursue (They have other grounds to sue the SOA on.) BUT that the owners definitely had cause and likely would prevail against the SOA. A good read.

Here is the court decision:

Here is our original blog about the golf course goings-on at Somersett: Save the Somersett Golf Course! Oh, oh!

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1 Response to Somersett Technical Restraining Order (TRO) Court Decision

  1. Paul Burkett says:

    The Somersett Legal Decision and the Ballot process for approval of their purchase of the golf course asset should be carefully reviewed by all to make sure that the ACHOA follows the intent of the NRS statutes. All parties should honor the process as the ACHOA community reviews the options concerning ownership and operation of “The Club At ArrowCreek”. I am looking forward to reviewing and reading the facts concerning the potential purchase.


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