One HOA Solution with Arnold Palmer for Impending Permanent Closure of Golf Course

Interesting…. I haven’t gotten feedback yet on how this community golf club is doing today. The HOA still exists. There is no mention of the golf club in the HOA on-line information: Balcones Village/Spicewood HOA. The Balcones Country Club still exists: . It is an Arnold Palmer Management run club. By golly! It is listed indeed on the Arnold Palmer slides (the one showing locations in the United States) that were presented to ArrowCreek on Dec 9, 2014. Look at the same benefits that APG was touting at our ArrowCreek Annual Meeting in December: Palmer Advantage Platinum!

So, it appears that this community has been successful in collecting voluntary membership into the golfing/country club concept.
Back in 2011, the Balcones Village/Spicewood (BVS) HOA sent out this letter that has several points that will resonate with many ArrowCreek HOA readers – with the distinction of a very different solution: 2011 BVS HOA Appeal on behalf of BCC.

It was not forcing everyone to fund the country club. As a matter of fact, even the HOA membership is voluntary!!

“The BCC [Balcones Country Club] offers both full golf memberships and social memberships. The social memberships cost $100 per month. The full golf membership costs $265 per month. These are small costs to pay to preserve the beauty of our neighborhood and our property values. In fact, several of the HOA board members have recently joined the BCC to help solve this problem. We encourage you to consider joining the BCC too in the next few weeks.”

If it is so sure that so many ArrowCreek owners are in favor of retaining the ArrowCreek Golf Courses, let’s see them put their voluntary dollars into a membership to maintain it so that the rest of the non-golfing residents can maintain status quo and not subsidize the golfer/clubbers. … And leave our Residents Center to the HOA and residents!

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4 Responses to One HOA Solution with Arnold Palmer for Impending Permanent Closure of Golf Course

  1. Gary W Pestello says:

    Does anybody on this site sigh their name to their comments? If not why not? Are the comments based on fact or are they opinion and fear mongering?
    Gary W. Pestello


    • Alex Christopher says:

      I thought signing your name was required (I did). Maybe the website should really require it.


    • Gary – Not sure what ‘comments’ you are referring to that are not signed. Are you meaning the blogs? I am thinking that is what you are asking because you and I already talked about why some people are afraid to sign their real name to comments on-line. Most people know a blog is written by the website owner unless otherwise annotated. I am sharing information that I am finding as I research the internet for Communities/HOAs in our similar situation. The articles are based on fact, not fear mongering. If they don’t support your beliefs, please send me references that do and I will be happy to post them. I am attempting to gather as much information as I can about the topic so I can make an informed choice. I know there are many more residents out there that feel the same way. I am having a terrible time finding positive articles about investing in a golf course that hasn’t been in the black since its inception – its birth being totally based on selling lots on the green in the first place.

      So, send those links my way and I’ll post them!!
      Signed – The Webmaster


  2. Alex Christopher says:

    BVS HOA appears quite different from ArrowCreek. Dues are voluntary! I wonder if they have security? Leaving the residents club to the HOA is not consistent with of “not subsidizing”. People that don’t use the residents club, swimming pools, tennis courts, recreational field, etc. may not want to subsidize them.

    Regarding closure of the golf course, BVS HOA does say “THIS IS A COMMUNITY PROBLEM”.

    There is not enough information yet to know if the ACHOA should buy the golf course, but can’t we at least agree that the presense of a golf course in our community is an amenity?


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