FAQ Now Ready for YOU!

The first installment of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the ArrowCreek HOA/Communications Committee responses to those questions is now available for your reading pleasure. It is a self contained document at this point. If you have any issues with working with the document, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster via email at arrowcreek411@gmail.com for help.


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3 Responses to FAQ Now Ready for YOU!

  1. smart golfer says:

    I agree with Mr. Lambert. The golf business is in decline. The FOA are not capitalized enough to refurbish the course and clubhouse. They should have bought the course for 60 cents on the dollar. Instead they paid the entire amount of the debt. Bad businessmen. The FOA investors will have to ante up another $1,000,000 if the HOA does not buy the course. I would let the FOA run the course for two years, or until they run out of cash. Then purchase the course out of bankruptcy court, and lease it to Duncan Golf Management (Wolf Run, Lakeridge, Dayton Valley) or Mazz Golf (Sierra Sage). Either one will negotiate lower water bills from the city, which the FOA failed to do. The $70,000 water bills in the summer put Charlie in trouble. 165 members at $475 per month barely covers the bill. Arnold Palmer management needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat! I hope they succeed, the last thing the community needs is to be in the golf business.

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    With respect to the FAQ;
    Question 2. Mr. Vehey’s letter ONLY represents one persons opinion, not necessarily shared across the entire owner community. It fails to identify ‘amenities’ currently available to all residents versus the need to purchase a ‘membership’ in a private enterprise coincident with the ArrowCreek Common Interest Community. The freedom that ArrowCreek residents currently possess, to join a club or not is the very real issue of the debate to purchase or not purchase the club and its assets
    Question 3. States that the collection policy and adjustment policy be provided to the lending institution. So, who exactly will have a vote on any adjustment to our monthly dues? Will this be handled by Executive Board decision?
    Question 4. In light of numerous publications on the value of properties adjoining a golf course, to the effect that there is NO discernible difference based on location, schools and shopping access. A personal example is our home cost $1.05M to build in 2004, recent appraisal was $1.07M. Certainly no a significant increase due to a golf course. We live on the High Desert, expect the subtle changes that the environment provides. Letting the course be operated under private ownership makes the most sense to preserve our FREEDOM of choice. Fire mitigation needs to look beyond the ‘golf course properties’ and do something other than wring their hands.
    Question17. Under the NRS equal opinion section, any mailing on the subject of the Golf club acquisition must contain negative arguments. Who has the ACHOA contacted to provide those arguments? The Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek ((CNA) are opposed to the path the ACHOA has chosen and believe they, ACHOA and FOA, have over stated the benefits of this acquisition.


  3. John Lambert says:

    Since golf, unfortunately, is in decline worldwide and in particular in the US, and since the golf course at AC has never, to my understanding, managed to make a profit, I doubt if the HOA will have to pay a higher price in the future for the golf course if it does not seize upon this “one-time-opportunity” presented by the FOA in the Spring of 2015. (My source for the state of golf in the US is The Economist Magazine, December 20, 2014, “The Decline of Golf: Handicapped” in the “Christmas Specials” section.) The discernible fact from the experience of other communities with failed golf courses is that there are too many courses and not enough golfers to golf. I do not understand why an informed group of home-owners would want to purchase a business that fails to make a profit. The FOA can run the course, and they can make the profit that they believe will ensure them a “higher price in the future.” I wish them well.


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