ACHOA Meeting Times Are Not Convenient

Since we had a post from retired senior citizens and then from the non-ArrowCreek Reno person, it is time for a short message from one of the ArrowCreek families with young children. So here is a recent note:

“It seems like all of the board and golf meeting times prevent people who have children from really attending. These are the people that can least afford for this thing to happen and they are the ones least informed.”

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2 Responses to ACHOA Meeting Times Are Not Convenient

  1. paulwburkett says:

    Since ArrowCreek411 is not the official website of the ACHOA, you will not get a response. I would suggest that you send an email with your name to Jeanne Tarantino at Associa about your concerns about meeting times. I know for a fact that the ACHOA Board had started at 6:00 P.M. for a long time and the membership attendance did not increase. If you want a change in time, then I believe you need to attend the meetings.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      The circular logic you use is phenomenal! What the individual told you was the meeting time of 5:30 is too early and in fact, 6:00 is also likely too early for a developing family, of which there are a significant number in the ArrowCreek development. Having them write Associa, whose website can’t support dynamic input, or attending a meeting, at an inappropriate time, while trying to raise a family, is the issue.
      BTW, How’s the ‘demographic study’ coming along? This might enlighten a staid ACHOA Board as to the real needs of the community.
      Ron Duncan 🙂


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