Golfing Improves the Golf Business

While googling the internet for new information, I found this interesting interview with TJ Duncan, a local Reno businessman in the golf business ( Duncan Golf Management: Wolf Run, Dayton Valley, Tahoe City, Fallon and LakeRidge), with additional information from the perspective of additional experts on Reno and Northern Nevada golf courses.

Click here for the article.

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1 Response to Golfing Improves the Golf Business

  1. ArrowCreek Homeowner says:

    Mr. Duncan (Duncan Golf Management) is an example of what a successful golf course owner should be in the Reno area, unlike what occurred at ArrowCreek. Yes he offered memberships, but they were non-equity. In that way he and only he made all the decisions about how his golf courses were operated. All his golf courses were open to the public and the public were not excluded from the restaurants or other amenities that the members enjoyed. Sure the members got preferred tee times and driving range areas reserved for them, but that is not a turn off to the public player. I have played on most of his courses as a non-member and always felt welcome.

    On the other hand when I played the public course at ArrowCreek, I couldn’t have a drink or something to eat in the bar. We had to sit in a tent outside and purchase our food and drink from a snack bar. Being an ArrowCreek homeowner this just added to the distain I had for the golf club, which I feel I am not alone. It is my hope that the FOA is successful in selling many memberships for their “private club” and they keep it for themselves. Don’t even think of us HOA bailing them out if they fail. I have many other public courses I can play in the Reno area where I will be welcomed and treated with respect.


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