Control of YOUR Pocket Book/Wallet – Owner Proposed Change to CC&Rs

By R W Duncan

The attached document contains an ACHOA owner proposed change to the association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The changes came about due to various ACHOA Board meetings where it was discovered that our Fees and Special Assessments do not require a vote by the owners. As a result, a number of owners wished to not restrict the ACHOA Board’s power but rather limit the scope of how high fees could be raised before getting community approval. The same concern was applied to Special assessments. These changes reflect the Nevada restriction on raising property taxes and will provide better justification for increases. This change will provide the community the necessary visibility to question the wisdom of fee increases prior to their implementation.

As noted in the submittal to the ACHOA Board of Directors, it has been requested that this change be placed on the next community ballot.

ACHOA Owner CCR Change 040215

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