Sparks’ D’Andrea Golf Course Up for Auction Again

The Reno Gazette Journal had this article today that was passed on to the ArrowCreek411 webmaster by Paul Burkett this morning.

The D’Andrea Golf Course in Sparks will be sold at auction later this month and the surrounding community is nervous they may never see the property used as a golf course again.

Homeowners say they hope that the golf course, which has gone to seed since it shut down in 2012, will be sold as one unit when Washoe County tries to sell it on April 22, but they fear that the high cost will force the auctioneers to break up the property’s six parcels. That would effectively eliminate the chances of the land becoming a golf course again.

In addition, the new owners will have a hard time building anything new on the parcels since it’s designated to only be used for a golf course. It’s a catch-22 that doesn’t seem to have an easy solution.

Read more of the article here.

There are several rumors going around. Some already had parts of it sold. This article focusses on the people who wanted a golf course in the first place. So, it will be interesting to see what really does happen later this month. RGJ also has many photographs on-line of the state of disrepair that the site is in. I don’t think the land looks any worse than the HOA land I look out on from my house.

Northgate Golf Course is being repurposed. So, who knows what will happen here.

Even if the FOA closes ArrowCreek, I don’t think our situation would be the same as far as defacement is concerned because we are behind a security gate. I believe wiser stewards of the earth are here.

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5 Responses to Sparks’ D’Andrea Golf Course Up for Auction Again

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    Since D’Andrea taxes were made current yesterday morning,16 April 2015, what’s the best guess on what the current owner will do with the property they’ve let go brown?? Likely the current owners didn’t want the County to reap their equity position.?.
    Ron Duncan


  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    Yes money talks and yes a zoning issue is certainly a hurdle. However, any competent developer/business person will examine the Reward/Risk ratio before committing any funds. The risks here are not only the open space issue, but more importantly, the VOTER issue. If enough people show the elected officials their perspective, it will either be approved or not. That’s a huge risk and not one an open eyed business person would take on lightly (unless the reward was going to be in double or triple digits percentage wise).
    It would be contended that this approach/philosophy would apply to any ‘in filling’ proposal from a developer.
    Ron Duncan


  3. Ronald Duncan says:

    It could, repeat could, happen here. The amount that was asked of the homeowners was a lot less than anything we’ve heard from the ACHOA/ACCC and it was still turned down. The magic word is ‘COMPROMISE.’ If the 345 property owners, that directly touch the ‘Non residential Use’ area, are willing to pick up the operation and maintenance costs, perhaps the remainder of the community would assist in buying the land (in spite of increased property taxes associated with the property). There would also need to be an accommodation for liability (If the ACHOA were to decide to close a course (e.g. Affected property owners would have to agree to not sue themselves (ACHOA) over the decision)).
    In the mean time, the FOA along with APG are growing The Club and any talk contrary to this success is non-sense. Keep up the fine work FOA!
    Ron Duncan


    • REreno says:

      There very well might not be any bidders for D’Andrea. Unlike ArrowCreek or Somersett, the golf course serves as the open space requirement for the PUD. It doesn’t have to be a golf course, but cannot be developed.


      • paulwburkett says:

        Some of my property development lawyer friends state do not jump to that conclusion too quickly. Zoning can be changed through a tough process but it is not absolute that it stays open space. As the say, money does talk.


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