ArrowCreek Needs A Community Strategic Plan

By Margaret McConnell

The HOA Board does not appear to have a Strategic Plan of any sort–short or long term planning is non-existent in many areas (OK. There is a Reserve Study and Budget. Roads are covered! But where is a PLAN?).  It seems like a poor way to run a railroad (business) to have no such plan in place.  And…with the current ArrowCreek (AC) demographic study taking place that seeks to identify amenities/activities we residents value, it seems like the perfect time to develop a Strategic Plan utilizing this information.

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Amenities Assessment Report, as Ron Duncan pointed out at the 4/14 ACHOA Board Meeting, is comprehensive and well done (which is probably why it cost $25K). Included in the report is some interesting information – facts that probably relate not only to Somersett residents, but could also be true for the AC community. The SOA Strategic Planning Committee is busy updating their plans. Where is the ArrowCreek Strategic Planning Committee? It isn’t listed on the Associa Committees & Groups page.

For example, on page 20 of the report, Recreation Trends are addressed. Like our concerns here in AC, it is pointed out that one of the core roles of an HOA is to maintain property values in an increasingly competitive environment. Amenities help give and keep competitive edge and keep property values up.  The study goes on to state amenities planning is critical because amenities incur a large portion of assessment dues ….

The study further points out there is a growing national awareness that lifestyle is one of the most potent treatments for public health issues.  Providing well-maintained trails and other outdoor and indoor exercise opportunities conveniently located within the community will be increasingly appealing to homeowners wanting a healthy lifestyle.

Forrest Patin, in several presentations last December, has related similar information. What our community needs is a plan to expand current recreational opportunities/amenities, not simply focus on golf, which meets the needs of a minority of our community.

Interestingly, comments in the report about ArrowCreek state: “AC has one 4,000 square foot recreational facility that sits on 20.5 acres. Because of long-range plans in place when the building was constructed, AC has AMPLE room to expand if needed.”  There are additional references in the report stating how much recreation area is available for development in AC.

Also of note:

Tahoe Donner (TD) in Truckee is referenced. It appears TD operates under the belief that good user data is key to successful amenities and capital planning, providing regular financial updates to members. TD has a very healthy financial planning process in place for operations and long-term planning projects and believes that good communication builds buy-in + homeowner trust.

We might learn from TD as AC seems to have little long-term planning in place and homeowner trust  and transparent communication from the Board is seemingly lacking.

In summary, there is much information to be gleamed from this report that could assist AC residents in increasing our property values. None of these amenities/ideas relate to a golf course.

Food for thought as we try to move forward in a helpful and positive manner…


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