Hilary to Participate In Her First 10K!

Let’s all give a great ArrowCreek cheer to our own neighbor Hilary Vass as she prepares to do her very first 10K in the Pinocchio Moms on the Run Campaign. Hilary works every day with women with cancer as she helps them through their treatment. This is a very personal experience for Hilary.

Please consider making a donation to sponsor Hilary. Any amount is greatly appreciated!  98% of the money raised helps women in Reno get through their battle with cancer. Click here to get to Hilary’s secure donation page.

Let’s show Hilary how proud her ArrowCreek neighbors are for her.

Go, Hilary!!

Have fun on May 10th!!


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2 Responses to Hilary to Participate In Her First 10K!

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    HAPPY Mother’s Day, Hillary!! and Congratulations on your first run.
    Ron duncan


  2. Woo! Hoo! Hilary!! $265 donated so far!! You go, girl!!


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