December 2015 ACHOA BOD Election Results

The December 2015 ArrowCreek HOA Board of Directors (for 2016) election ballots have been counted this afternoon. Six hundred twenty seven (627) valid ballots were counted.

The candidates running for the 3 open positions are:

Paul Burkett. (229 votes)
Bob Kirtley *** (421 votes) ***
Robert McDonald *** (380 votes) ***
John McGhee withdrew his name. (54 votes)
Robin Rakusin. (227 votes)
David Steele *** (363 votes) ***
Mark Toomey. (234 votes)

***Asterisks indicate the winners in the count.

Current Board Members who remain on the 2016 Board:
Sam Fox
Charlie Dickinson
Alan Liebman
Joyce Seelen

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4 Responses to December 2015 ACHOA BOD Election Results

  1. Margaret Mcconnell says:

    What a wonderful message this election sends. It is time to stop the back room deals and manipulation and listen to the residents of AC. The past Board and their cronies on ‘key’ committees seemed to lose sight of their responsibility and obviously have NOT performed in the best interest of this community.

    Thanks to the 3 new Board members; you have tremendous support from the AC residents and we’ll continue to support you as you fight for transparency and fair representation of us. And….thanks to the hard, hard work and organization of the CNA members.


  2. Wayne says:

    Last night the 3 people who promise openness, transparency & listening to the concerns of the community garnered an average 61% of the vote. The 3 candidates backed by the power brokers averaged 36%. Perhaps a very clear message was sent by the voters: “represent us, not a special interest group!”


  3. Jan Ziomek says:

    Congratulations to the winners!


  4. carolyn mariani says:

    Great Victory for The Little Guys. This came with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and transparency. I attended the meeting and the HOA Board has this whole thing planned out like purchase of the land is a done deal. To me the meeting was painful because every bit of it seemed contrived. I hope today is a big first step in obtaining the consensus of the ArrowCreek Community and not just the country club members. As a Community WE HAVE TO STAY ON TOP OF THIS ISSUE AND NOT BECOME COMPLACENT. A big thanks to all those who voted, remember that about 400 people didn’t vote. That’s a lot of people. (ss/Scott Mariani


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