What is the Truth??

I think it is very interesting that the FOA, the corporation that owns The Club at ArrowCreek, put out this letter to its membership before the ArrowCreek HOA Board Budget and Governing Documents Town Hall last September and it mentions the ACHOA “taking on debt” before the general HOA membership (defined as ACHOA members who are not on the board of directors or on the budget committee) was briefed about a budget deficit for 2018. Is “deficit” and “taking on debt” the same thing? Do you have to be a financial auditor to know the answer? Does everyone in the ArrowCreek community have the same understanding of the definitions? What is the ArrowCreek community? How does the ACHOA communicate so everyone in the community has the same understanding/definitions? Nothing was mentioned about “taking on debt” at the town hall by the ACHOA BOD/Budget Committee.

What debt deal does the FOA know about that isn’t being explained to the rest of the ArrowCreek owners in a timely, straight-forward, communicative way by the ACHOA BOD?? When the speaker/ directors at the town hall meeting were questioned how numbers were derived, some responses were quite fuzzy.

If you are a member of the ArrowCreek HOA but not a member at The Club at ArrowCreek, you were not privy to this level of information before the town hall.

Here is the letter:
FOA Cooperation092117

By Susan Duncan

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