ArrowCreek HOA BOD Ballots Due This Afternoon!! If You Haven’t Already, VOTE!!

If you haven’t yet voted for new ArrowCreek HOA Board of Directors this year, please do so and turn in your ballot in the proper sealed, return envelope TODAY, Tuesday, December 8, 2015, down at the Residents’ Club at 2 PM! Ballot counting starts at 2 PM. Ballots are accepted while the count is happening; however, we don’t know how long that will take! Last year the final tallies were finished barely before the Annual Meeting started. Get your ballot in sooner rather than later!

It is obviously too late to mail the ballots, so if you can’t turn it in yourself, please call Ron Duncan at 775-852-7265 BEFORE 1 PM or email him at before 1 PM to make arrangements to have your ballot counted! You must have it in the proper sealed, return envelope!


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