HOA Presentation – You’re Invited!

Re: HOA Presentation – You’re Invited!

Meeting Date: Tuesday May 19
Time: 5:30 PM
Place: The Club at ArrowCreek

The ArrowCreek Homeowners Association’s Communications Committee invites you to attend the first in a series of informational neighborhood meetings and to ask for your comments and answer your questions. These informational meetings will be designed to provide information to community members with a focus on current topics of common interest.

Current Status:
This input will assist the ACHOA Board in the developing community based social and recreational programming for the coming years. This meeting will set the stage for budget planning and related future activities of the organization.

Meeting One: Results of the first ever ArrowCreek Community Demographic Study.
The ACHOA Communications Committee with ACHOA Board approval commissioned a research project through The University of Nevada Economics Department by Professor Mark Pringle and Graduate Research Associate Cameron Belt. A first ever demographics study of ArrowCreek homeowners, i.e. who lives here and what are their interests was conducted. The results of this study will be presented at this Informational Meeting by Professor Pingle and Mr. Belt. Please come and listen to their presentation and commentary. A copy of the survey results will be provided at the meeting for your records. This should be an interesting exchange of information about the ACHOA community.

Format for the meeting:
Professor Pringle and Mr. Belt will present the results of their two part research project for 30-45 minutes. Following their presentation will be an open discussion for 45-60 minutes and include comments from homeowners. The meeting will be held at The Club at ArrowCreek.
These informational meetings are intended to give you and your neighbors the opportunity to provide input to your ACHOA Board before any balloting or decisions are made.

The ArrowCreek HOA

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1 Response to HOA Presentation – You’re Invited!

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    Dear Jeanne and Sam Fox
    The invitation above, from the Chairman of the Communications Committee, should be totally unacceptable to the management and the ACHOA Board for three reasons.
    First, there’s the issue of being prepared to ask intelligent questions of Professor Pingle and Mr. Belt. Without an opportunity to review the documented work it’s very difficult to question the methodology, the data or the conclusions. Seeing it for the first time at a community meeting, while trying to read and absorb the material at the same time, is a difficult challenge and many will not be up to this challenging environment. Further, having participated in numerous government reviews this is not the way to get community feedback. So, that raises the question, Is the intent to not gather feedback from the community?
    Second, the timing of this meeting precludes participation by working adults in our community. In fact Mr. Jim Keller had to resign from the Communications Committee due to its capricious start time of 5:30 PM. Since he works downtown, in a challenging position, he could not make the very early start time. Likewise, Mrs. Duncan has repeatedly requested the Committee meeting be made at 6:30 or 7:00PM so she is not stressed in getting off work in Sparks, grabbing a bite to eat, and then going to the meeting. She has been repeatedly ridiculed as not having her priorities in the proper order. That is an unacceptable attitude from ‘volunteers!’ 5:30 doesn’t work for people who are not in leisure mode. Is it the intent of the ACHOA Board to exclude these people from hearing the presentation?
    Lastly, there’s an issue of ‘open’ governance within the ACHOA. Things that are kept ‘secret’ only lead to speculation that someone is trying to skew results or worse create false information. Allowing these reports to be open for review by the community, prior to the day of the meeting, only provides less suspicion and greater input.
    For all of the above reasons, the approach to this meeting should be altered. We look forward to a continuing dialogue and opening the ACHOA processes for full community participation.
    Best regards and have a good day,
    Ron 🙂


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