Delinquent Taxes and FOA

Yesterday’s Reno Gazette Journal had a pull-out listing of Washoe County properties that were delinquent in property tax payments. There were 8 properties listed naming the Friends of ArrowCreek owing a total of $171,775.36 in 2014 back taxes. In response to a Concerned Neighbor of ArrowCreek (CNA) member, one of the co-chairs of the ArrowCreek Homeowners’ Association (ACHOA) Communications Committee forwarded the referenced Washoe County Treasurer letter to the Board for posting on the ACHOA website. This is information about the ongoing golf course debt issues created by Aspen Sierra and the work that the FOA are doing to retire those debt obligations.

As for the CNA suggestion to have an article in the ACHOA newsletter, the Communication Committee co-chairs are suggesting that the ACHOA Board request that the FOA provide an article for the next newsletter about current status and the issues outlines in the Washoe County Treasurer’s letter.

The ACHOA Communication Committee co-chair believes the request to add a FOA article in the next ACHOA newsletter is an excellent idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

Also, under separate cover this morning, ArrowCreek411 received an email notice from The Club at ArrowCreek for posting the letter.

Here is the notice and letter:


Washoe County Treasurer Publication_of_Tax_Delinquency_Concerning_ArrowCreek_Golf_Course_Property

Interestingly, available information in the public tax records on-line show a total outstanding property tax delinquency of $537,084.14 for those 8 parcels. In addition, there are 2 more FOA owned parcels with Washoe County listed as Owner 2. Read that as a Lien for an additional $266,836.00 in back taxes on those two properties. What does it all mean? It means there is a big delinquent tax bill to be paid through the future…

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