Dear AC Residents,

The below message is being forwarded to you from Chief Moore of the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD):

This is an important update on our expected fire weather and fire resource status for this weekend. There will be a fire weather watch issued this weekend. Saturday is worst case.

BLM will be staging a task force in our area this weekend and Deputy Chief Leighton requested BLM stage 5 of their engines at Station 17 Spanish Springs. The task force will consist of 10 engines, 1 dozer, 2 helicopters and 1 fixed winged aircraft. If dry lightning results in fire starts, they will disperse to wherever the need is, but we will also have them available as mutual aid resources. Volunteer resources will also mobilize.

Saturday temperatures will be very hot with 103 degrees expected. The worst case for dry lightning and adverse fire weather will be Saturday from about 2 pm into the evening. Saturday storms will produce strong outflow winds of up to 50 MPH. T-storms can be expected on Sunday but will be wet. The bad news is that Sunday storms will be fast moving, so if a fire starts as a result of lightning, the rain may or may not be useful in suppressing a fire start, but could help keep the fire localized until we can deploy resources.
 Storms today and Friday are expected mostly north of I-80 up to Susanville and Gerlach. Smoke from the Washington fire may infiltrate into the TM basin on Friday as transport winds will direct the smoke to the TM basin.
 Thunderstorms are also expected to continue into next week.
Please call my mobile number with any questions.
Charles A. Moore, Fire Chief
775.328.6123 Direct
775.313.8903 Mobile
Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District
1001 East 9th Street, Building D – 2nd Floor
Reno, Nevada   89512

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