Footgolf: How the Soccer Ball Could Save the Golf Course

Look out Frisbee Disk Golf! Here comes FootGolf! Here is an interesting article about how the soccer ball could save the golf course by Alastair Bland for on June 25, 2015.

On a foggy gray morning in San Francisco, J. Ramon Estevez squats on his hams on the grass, brown and scruffy from years of drought. He squints, lining up a putt on the Gleneagles Golf Course, and in a moment, he stands, backs up a step and takes his best shot. He kicks, and a soccer ball rolls across the grass and drops into hole number 1.

Estevez and game partner Tighe O’Sullivan are just beginning a round of footgolf, a novel fusion between one of the world’s simplest ball games and one of its most exclusive. The game, just several years old, combines the etiquette, rules and rolling hills of golf with the ball and the basic footwork of soccer.

“It’s 99 percent golf, minus the equipment,” says O’Sullivan, who has been playing soccer since early grade school and played his first round of footgolf in October, 2012, about the time he and Estevez cofounded the California FootGolf Association.

Read more here.

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