Majority Defined

There have been heated discussions about the definition of “majority.”


The CC&Rs’ first amendment changed the wording of Article XIII Section 4 (on page 41 of the current CC&R document [which is pdf page 47]) to the above words (which start on line 18 of the pdf page 51 of the current CC&R document).

The majority of lot owners and equivalent lot owners = not less than 547 votes.
1086 lots + 6 equivalent [golf club] lots = 1092 / 2 (i.e. 50%) = 546 +1 = 547 votes

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4 Responses to Majority Defined

  1. Craig Swanson says:

    So the answer is to Vote NO,NO,NO on any and all proposed items placed on the Ballots provided by the HOA Board of Directors. These folks cannot be trusted in any form or fashion.

    Craig Swanson


  2. Dan Lavach says:

    Since the current CCR/Bylaws are in order until Dec 2018, what is the rush to change them now?


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Under ‘The Proposal’ to purchase the land under the golf course, there are a number of changes required to the CC&Rs to implement the ‘agreement in principal.’ Those changes, when they are put before the owners will require the ‘majority’ vote identified in this article.
      Ron 🙂


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