What A Concept!

The Club at ArrowCreek is half-way there! The twist of the name for a change is spot on. Now we just need a small group of Believers to either join in with the FOA or to buy from the FOA this private golf course. Then the rest of the ArrowCreek Community, the ArrowCreek Nonbelievers In Golf Course Ownership, will not worry about HOA special assessments for supporting the golfing or clubbing habits of a few for the remaining years of their lives in ArrowCreek.

Read this now! It has many familiar rings!!

Posted on February 21, 2015 by Times of Wayne County in Sports Blue Heron Hills Golf Club Becomes The Golf Club At Blue Heron Hills.

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1 Response to What A Concept!

  1. Ron Duncan says:

         Ahhh, you found your article!                      🙂  


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