RGJ: Sparks Votes to Drop Kiley Ranch Golf Course

The Reno Gazette Journal article by Chanelle Bessette (cbessette@rgj.com) reports that the Sparks City Council voted unanimously to drop the 2003 previously – approved plans for a golf course and 338 residential units in Kiley Ranch.

The City Council agenda item said that the property owners of Kiley Ranch requested to abandon the planned development handbook because the property will never be developed according to the plans first approved in 2003.

The original plan in the 2003 handbook was to develop the area’s 279 acres into a golf course and 338 residential units with the remaining land left as open space. After the handbook’s approval, however, the city decided to not develop the golf course. The parcels currently remain vacant and there has been no development or improvement of the land.

The three property owners that make up Kiley Ranch include Rising Tides LLC, Golden Triangle LLC and the Kiley Ranch Preservancy Foundation.

Presenting before Sparks City Council were senior city planner Karen Melby and Rising Tides LLC representative Lois Brown.

“Nothing has happened (in terms of development),” Brown said. “There’s no appetite for anyone to pay for a golf course.”

The western properties owned by Rising Tides LLC are planned to be incorporated into the Kiley Ranch North Planned Development, the agenda item said.

The wetland parcels north of Spanish Springs Diversion Dam and west of Vista Boulevard are owned by the Kiley Ranch Preservancy Foundation and will remain as wetlands and open space. The three parcels owned by Golden Triangle LLC are anticipated to be developed as a mix of residential and commercial land uses.

See article here .

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