We Don’t Need a Vote, We Already ‘Control Our Destiny’

By Ron Duncan

Sometimes the best logical thinking comes early in the morning. This morning, it occurred to me that we already control our destiny and the 525 acres owned by the Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA). What more needs to be done, other than shutting down the desire for a ‘vote’ on ‘something’?

How do we control the 525 acres of Non-Residential property in ArrowCreek? We control the acreage by the Articles of Incorporation (AOI). If the ACHOA Board, and if the FOA, had truly performed due diligence, they would have found that the AOI not only forbid the ACHOA from being a ‘for profit’ entity, BUT they would have also discovered that the property use authorized for the Southwest Point development (ArrowCreek) was imbedded in the AOI as planning commission case number DA9-1-93. Imbedded means that if you’re planning on changing that document and/or its stated permissions for land use, you will need to remove and/or replace that document with a two thirds (2/3) vote of all property owners. As of today, that definitely won’t happen anytime soon and thus the threat of a housing development on the 525 acres is a very mere charade and scare tactic (unless you get a really dumb builder).

What is really behind the push to own the golf club and its 525 acres? Those who see the golf course as essential to their well being feel the need to control the ‘experience of the Club House and the Golf Course.’ To those of us who are ‘less intelligent,’ the golf course is ‘nice-to-have’ and so who cares who owns and operates the golf acreage? I, for one, don’t desire to fund or pay for the 525 acres and whatever purpose it should be dedicated. Let the golf course stay or let it fold – as a private entity. Perhaps the private entity turns it into the ‘Commercial Center’ that was touted in DA9-1-93. (This is a huge file of 2969 pages. It will take several minutes to download if you attempt to do so. This is part of CNA’s due diligence of ACHOA governing documents.)

Shame on the ACHOA Board and those continuing to push for a vote. It’s not only not needed, but it’s a shameful waste of our resources.

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