I Can’t See The Lights! #YourPower

World Earth Hour happens this coming Saturday (It is always observed on the last Saturday of March.) wherever you are on Earth at 8:30 p.m. Local Time.

Another interesting site explaining Earth Hour and all kinds of family activities is from the group that started it in 2007: World Wildlife Fund.

Here is a story about it from hometownlife.com – Earth Hour

timeanddate.com tells it like this.

Check out also earthhour.org .

How dark will Reno get? We will see!

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3 Responses to I Can’t See The Lights! #YourPower

  1. alexgchris says:

    Thank you Bill!
    Man is accountable for only 8% of that which the government defines as “pollution”


  2. William A. Brown says:

    Ron, Unfortunately climate change (global warming) is a political fad not a scientific fact.  It’s predicated on climate models not centuries of data. It’s also driven by scare mongrels hoping to profit from political decisions that they influence like Al Gore, a hypocrite if there ever was one. Saving energy prompts rate increases that are needed to support energy companies requirement. But that doesn’t mean it not possible to have a good party in the dark! Bill

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