Let’s have a Town Hall Meeting!?

By Wayne Krachun

At the August 18 Board meeting, I, Wayne Krachun, asked the Board to hold a Town Hall meeting to listen, actually listen to the concerns, worries and questions of us owners. Because at least since April of 2014 a small group who believe only they know what’s best for our community have been plotting to save the golf course in order “to protect our property values.” Problem is, this group never bothered to gauge the mood of the owners. When these folks spent our money on “the first ever demographic survey” of ArrowCreek one would think they could have asked if anyone had any ideas for improving our property values. Nope.

The Communication Committee co-chairperson agreed “to discuss the merits” of a Town Hall meeting at its next meeting. Problem is, no next meeting has been scheduled, and what is the downside to holding a Town Hall meeting? Is it because this group has no interest in hearing from owners? Because they might hear opinions different from their pre-conceptions that the preferred way to protect our property values is to bail out the golf course? Despite the call for volunteers on committees, I actually endured an interview and was then rejected by the ACCC. Looking back, I suspect my expressed concerns didn’t quite match up well with its member’s beliefs.

What we continue to hear from the Board is “there is no deal.” But folks, rest assured this group is working diligently to craft a deal.

An unscientific survey of more than 100 owners who have talked with CNA members indicates 20% of us are for acquiring the GC property, 20% are undecided and 60% are against it. This survey hasn’t cost us a dime. I’ve learned more about the concerns of owners than I have over the past 16 months of board meetings. – And what we hear most is if the golf course is privately owned and growing, why is the Board interfering? Good question. Why not allow capitalism to work? Another good question. What proof has the Board offered that “saving the golf course” is the best way to “protect our property values?” Well, it hasn’t provided any proof, but it sounds convincing. All good questions to ask – if a Town Hall meeting is held?

Perhaps the ACHOA Board of Directors and its committee members would learn something from a Town Hall meeting.

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