How to Express Your Truth With Honesty and Respect

This may be a very good article for our ArrowCreek Community to read before the Wednesday, September 16th Special Board Meeting! It was the first thing I read on my phone this morning….. I took it to be an omen….. yes, it is talking about couples…but it is interpersonal communication, period. If all our angry (and not so angry) people communicated using this technique, we might accomplish more listening. “And if you don’t want to work with me to resolve an issue, why on Earth are we having this conversation?”

The article is written by Fred Kofman, Ph.D. in Economics, who is Vice President at LinkedIn. This post is part of LinkedIn’s Conscious Business Program.

How to Express Your Truth With Honesty and Respect (6.4)HandHeart (photo from the article)

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2 Responses to How to Express Your Truth With Honesty and Respect

  1. scott mariani says:

    Question; It was mentioned that the Golf Club or Course Owner is able to cast six votes in our HOA Elections. Is this an old holdover from the original Developer of ArrowCreek and the Golf Course?
    I am wondering if there is or was a sunset policy to this practice. I don’t see why the Golf course would be able to vote in the HOA Elections? I am speculating that they don’t pay six homeowner’s dues. Please don’t tell me they get the votes because they pay an annual road service fee?
    Thank You.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      In the ArrowCreek CC&Rs there is Article VII, Provisions for NONRESIDENTIAL USES. In this section it spells out how the ‘Non-residential’ property is to be ‘taxed’ by the ACHOA, Section 2. Yes, it was developed by the developer to protect the ‘golf course.’
      There isn’t a ‘sunset’ clause in our CC&Rs and since they pay regular fees to the ACHOA, $218 per month per equivalent lot, currently set at six, and they are current on their dues. As stipulated, as long as they are current on their dues, the FOA then has six votes during an ACHOA election.
      The ‘road service fee’ is an invention by the ACCC. It is not identified as that in the CC&Rs but it does go against the road repair from the front gate to the club house driveway.
      Check it out.
      Ron Duncan


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