To Add Or To Take Away Makes No Difference: Communication Is #1

“Boards should not take lightly any decision to change or remove the common area amenities.”

This article hits the nail on its head – only for ArrowCreek, it is the assumption of a golf complex being an amenity – when it isn’t. The ArrowCreek builder very specifically kept the club very separate both as a business and in the details of the ArrowCreek governing documents. This article references California law like so many of the ArrowCreek pro-golf people like to do. We are in NEVADA, but the fiduciary duty is the same. The ACHOA Board now has a mighty wolf pack (The University of Nevada @ Reno mascot also happens to be the Wolf Pack.) to contend with when they could have skirted it all by behaving in the above recommended manner. Trust is earned. Respect is earned. Self-respecting people cannot be bought with promises or dollars.

Community Associations Blog on Amenities & Fiduciary Duty

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