Free Market Classic – Play Golf and Come to Dinner Friday, Oct 9

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October 2, 2015

It is Time to Change the Way the Game is played.

Dear ArrowCreek Neighbors,

How many times in our lives are we presented an opportunity to make an impact on how the game is played?

The Hayek Group, a Reno Based 501(c)(3) Economic Educational organization is posed to make a difference in lives of our Northern Nevada High School Community. This is not some large organization with a multitude of paid fundraisers asking you to help make a difference 3000 miles away. This is local and as grassroots as it gets.

Today’s Reality is the result of some solvable issues:
• Fewer than half of all high school seniors in our country and community qualify as financially literate. Without financial literacy education, they will carry this lack of knowledge into adulthood.

• The existing school curriculum consists of three weeks of simple instruction during the High School Senior year.

• More than 7 million student loan borrowers are in default. Many more will never get out of debt in their lifetimes.

• Young people are facing tremendous financial challenges with out the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s economy.

The Solution is available and we in the local community can be part of that solution. Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance is the premier curriculum for teaching financial literacy. The curriculum is easy to use and completely turnkey. The 12-chapter curriculum is taught on DVD by a nationally known team of experts. This is a semester-long course that meets all state and national standards for personal finance/financial literacy. It has more than 100 activities that focus on providing 21st century personal finance knowledge and skills in a student-centered, competency-based approach to learning.

The Hayek Group is committed to working with the Ramsey Foundation to deliver this solution to Northern Nevada High Schools. But they can’t do it alone. They need your help. This year’s goal is to deliver the package to all Washoe County High Schools. The potential is that 1,400 students in the next year will have a life changing experience. There are many ways you can help.

Small & Medium Business Owners
If you are a small or medium business owner, we are making it possible for you to have a direct impact on your local community. By becoming a Hayek Educational Ambassador you will fund an entire High School for two full semesters (80 Students). The cost is just $2,500.00. We already have three local Ambassadors in this important contribution segment. The Hayek Group will work with the Ramsey foundation to take care of the details and deliver the package.

Please go now to and take the first step or contact me at tim.duvall@gmail for further information.

Large Companies
This is a unique opportunity designed just for you. Become a Silver State Ambassador. Your endorsement of the program will help us spread the program beyond Washoe County to the 40 remaining Northern Nevada High Schools. The cost is open. Just match a stated number of Small and Medium contributions. We will do the rest of the work.
Please go now to and take the first step or contact me at tim.duvall@gmail for further information.

Individual / Family Contributors
Every contribution helps. Just twenty-five parents and grandparents donating $100.00 each can change the lives of 80 students a year. Want to make a difference in your community. It can be accomplished by becoming an Associate Educational Sponsor. No donation is too small. Become part of the solution for Northern Nevada.
Please go now to to make a donation.

Play Golf and Come to Dinner
The Free Market Classic at the Club at ArrowCreek and Benefit Dinner is Friday October 9, 2015. Be part of the inaugural event that’s sure to become a regional favorite! Golf registration opens at 9AM with a shotgun start at 11AM. If you do not golf, dinner activities including a silent auction and exiciting live auction begin at 5PM. All proceeds to benefit the Hayek Education Initiative. As a special incentive, “The Club at ArrowCreek” will join other Northern Nevada Businesses as an Educational Ambassador when just 50 of its current members sign up for this event.

Please go now to to sign up for Golf or just the Dinner.

Some Play the Game; Others Change the Way the Game is played. Join me changing how the game is being played.

Tim Duvall, President
Neo Medical Inc.
Sparks, NV
“A Hayek Educational Ambassador”

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