The Bear(s) Is(Are) Out and About Already!

The green trash cans are being tipped by bear(s) already – so don’t put your garbage out early!! Or you will have a mess to clean up in the morning!

Info on wildlife problems:
Associa Info and Resources on Wildlife Problems AC 9-2015

ArrowCreek 411 Phone Number Page

We had a bear destroy our metal poled bird feeders in 2009.


We had several more visits in 2013. These photos are of the bad, bad bear that already had a tag in each ear when he got the bird feeders again on Oct 17 and returned on the 18th, but to his dismay, since that Oct 17th we now take in the BIRD feeders at night. All of the bear photos were taken through the window from the safety of being INSIDE the house.

The first two photos are early in the morning of Oct 17, 2013.


These photos are from around 10:30 pm on Oct 18, 2013, looking for more bird seed! The photos have been enhanced (lightened).


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